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“Enhance your CORE Online” for Secondary 4 and 5 HKDSE students

Updated on April 11, 2022 (Mon)

“Enhance your CORE Online” for Secondary 4 and 5 HKDSE students

To provide extra help and academic support to local secondary school students whose studies have been severely affected by the pandemic, the HKU Admissions Office and our Faculty have jointly set up a programme of tutoring sessions - “Enhance your CORE Online” - which will be delivered in April 2022.


This new initiative is designed to help Secondary 4 and 5 students consolidate their knowledge in the three main core subjects - Chinese Language, English Language, and Mathematics - and to support them with their school assignments. The activity is free of charge and around 2,600 HKDSE students have signed up to attend each lesson. Nearly 30 students from the Faculty have committed to contributing to this programme.


Given the overwhelming number of registrants, registration is now full. Delivery of the programme will be organised in three concurrent webinars. To greet and encourage the participants, Professor A. Lin Goodwin, Dean; Dr Lo Yuen Yi, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning); and Ms Promail Leung, Director of the School-University Partnerships Office, have pre-recorded opening speeches. In the speeches, they recognised the students’ hard work and effort, mentioned the importance of perseverance, and encouraged positivity among  the participants. Please click here to watch the videos.


For more details on this project, please read


We greatly appreciate our own students’ dedication in serving the community, and we would like to wish everyone good luck with their studies!