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The Language and Literacy Education (LALE) Academic Unit comprises a dynamic community of researchers and educators with diverse expertise in language and literacy education. Our members are engaged in a broad spectrum of research interests, encompassing areas such as second language development, literacy education and digital literacy development, language assessment, technology-enhanced language education, multilingual education, sociocultural issues in language education, and language teacher professional development. With a vibrant and interdisciplinary approach, LALE is dedicated to advancing knowledge and practices in language and literacy education. 


LALE members have been successful in securing research funding from a wide range of organizations, including the Research Grants Council (RGC), Education Bureau, Quality Education Fund, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), and the H.K. Jockey Club Charities Trust. Colleagues within the Academic Unit also hold leadership positions in the Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER), Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE), and Consortium for Research on Language Policy and Practice (CRLPP). The collaborations through the projects, Centres, and Consortium further strengthen our commitment to advancing language and literacy education research and practices. 


LALE takes pride in its accomplished members, who consistently publish with renowned academic publishers and serve as editors and associate editors for leading international peer-reviewed journals. LALE members are also deeply committed to driving pedagogical innovations in language and literacy education. They aspire to inspire and empower pre-service and in-service language teachers with the knowledge, skills, and transformative practices necessary to make a lasting impact in the field. Our Academic Unit showcases esteemed individuals who have been recognized with prestigious University Awards for Outstanding Teaching and Research Outputs, RGC Early Career Award, and Faculty Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award. These honours reflect the dedication and excellence of our members in language and literacy education research and their significant contributions to the field. 


The LALE Academic Unit looks forward to increased engagement with stakeholders to pursue excellence in research, teaching, knowledge exchange, leadership, and service. We are committed to deepening our connections with the local and international communities to make meaningful contributions and impact in language and literacy education.