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In-service Teacher Education Programme (INSTEP)


In-service education is an integral part of the continuing professional development of teachers after their initial training. "INSTEP" (In-service Teacher Education Programme) is an initiative of the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, to provide non-award bearing in-service education opportunities for the teaching profession in Hong Kong.

The INSTEP Office in the Faculty has been offering government-commissioned in-service teacher training courses since 1991. Teachers, with their school principals' endorsement, normally apply for these courses via the Education Bureau's (EDB) Training Calendar System. These courses are fully funded by the EDB and are provided free to teachers, mostly on a first come, first served basis. To date, INSTEP courses have been attended by innumerable teachers from across a broad range of subject disciplines.

Apart from providing government-commissioned programmes, the Office also coordinates school-based support programmes, consultancy and research projects on topical issues commissioned by the government and different professional bodies/organisations; as well as consultancy services commissioned by local schools to help them design and organise staff development activities.


For more information about the INSTEP Office (在職教師發展計劃組) in the Faculty of Education, please visit