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Message from the Associate Dean

Message from the Associate Dean (Research)

The Faculty of Education is dedicated to supporting world-class, pioneering research in a wide range of areas in education. Through East-West interfaces research at the Faculty of Education traverses Chinese and Western intellectual traditions to inform theory, pedagogy/practice and policy at local, regional and global levels. Our academic staff are actively engaged in research; and this commitment is recognised in the Faculty's stated aimto serve as an educational/research "nexus" between China, Asia and the rest of the world. As a large, unitary Faculty, our research is featured by interdisciplinarity, with a particularly strong basis in academic discipliones allied with education, pedagogy, professional development, and speech/hearing sciences. Research activities are organised via: Academic Units; within our 4 Research Centres and 3 Consortia; and as an individual focus. In addition, the Faculty hosts the Education Policy Unit. At any point in time there are a large number of on-going funded research projects, seminar series, international visitors and distinguished lectures. As researchers, we are continually engaged in local, regional and international collaborations. We maintain a vigorous programme of funded/self-funded research studentships within our MPhil/PhD and EdD programmes.