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About Our Programmes


The Faculty of Education has long aspired to lead the field in the preparation of educators through a range of world-class programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also in the areas of information management and speech and hearing sciences. We also maintain an active programme of research studentships within our Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Education programmes.



All our programmes aim at nurturing teachers and graduates who are compassionate, creative and committed to innovative, quality and equitable education. Our programmes also seek to incorporate powerful learning opportunities through carefully constructed projects with the local community.  These projects extend our students’ understanding of real world environments and expand their capacity to integrate theory and practice while broadening their global outlook.



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Experiential Learning


Experiential learning opportunities occur in various ways both within our teacher preparation programmes - either as a compulsory part of a course such as on the PGDE programme, or as a stand-alone credit-bearing component as seen on our UG programmes. They can also be non-credit bearing experiences beyond the programmes. These learning opportunities may take various forms, including undergraduate research projects, language immersion programmes, exchange studies, service learning projects, and internship opportunities. Student have the chance to undertake experiential learning through extended participation with overseas and/or local community projects, but regardless of where they occur, experiential projects promoted by the Faculty aim at enhancing students' understanding of real-world environments, expanding their capacity to integrate theory and practice, and broadening their global outlook.