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Education Seminar Series (18): Deepening Children’s Learning with Virtual Reality

Updated on June 22, 2022 (Wed)

Education Seminar Series (18): Deepening Children’s Learning with Virtual Reality

The Faculty organised the 18th Education Seminar entitled “Deepening Children’s Learning with Virtual Reality” on June 11, 2022 via ZOOM Webinar. The seminar was delivered by Dr Gary Wong, Assistant Professor in the Faculty’s Academic Unit of Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences and Director of the Centre for Information Technology in Education. The seminar received an enthusiastic response from the public, and it was well attended by more than 350 participants, including parents, teachers and students.


At the seminar, Dr Wong examined various topics related to e-learning, including virtual reality (VR) learning, computational thinking and artificial intelligence (AI) education, deeper learning, and “metaverse”. Mr John Huen, Founder and CEO of a technology education company was invited to join a discussion with Dr Wong.  Two speakers shared their views on the roles of parents and teachers to help children in e-learning, and directions of the future of learning with the audience.


Participants enthusiastically raised questions to Dr Wong and Mr Huen during the Q&A session. Most of them found the seminar interesting and practical, and many would like to join similar seminars organised by the Faculty in the future.


The recording and presentation slides are now available on our website: