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Master of Education

Fields of Studies

Fields of Studies^ (2020 Intake)

(The fields of studies of 2021 intake will be available in late November 2020)

When you apply for admission to the MEd, you will be asked to choose preferred fields of study and study mode. Applications are non-transferrable to other fields or study modes once an online application has been submitted.

The following fields of study are offered for admission in September 2020. Please note that most of them are available for both one-year full-time and two-year part-time modes, while some of them are only available for full-time or part-time study only.

For further information about the fields of study, please contact the respective Specialism Coordinator. 

^The University reserves the right to suspend the offering of any fields of study if the number of applications makes it insufficient to form a class. In the event that a fields of study is suspended, applicants may have their deposit refunded.


EDB's Scholarship for Teachers (Pursuit of Master's Degree Programmes) - 2020-21

The Education Bureau (EDB) has launched a scheme called the Scholarship for Teachers (Pursuit of Master's Degree Programmes). The Scholarship for Teachers aims to celebrate achievements of high-performing teachers and to encourage teachers’ pursuit of higher qualifications as well as to enhance their professionalism. It is offered to selected full-time serving teachers who will start part-time studies in the following MEd fields of study in the 2020-21 school year:

  1. Chinese Language and Literature
  2. Chinese Language Education
  3. Content and Language Integrated Learning
  4. English Language Education
  5. Gifted Education and Talent Development
  6. Psychological Studies in Education
  7. Science Education
  8. STEM Education
  9. Teaching of Science in an International Context

For details, please visit EDB website at: https://www.edb.gov.hk/en/teacher/qualification-training-development/training/scholarship-for-teacher-master/index.html.


Chinese Language and Literature (CLL)
Full-time and part-time

The specialism aims to provide teachers of Chinese language and literature with approved subject knowledge training appropriate to the postgraduate level, including studies in Chinese language, literature and culture. The specialism focuses in particular on the development of participants’ knowledge about various aspects of both modern and classical Chinese language, including phonology, grammar, lexis and discourse, as well as modern and classical Chinese literature, and Chinese culture, with a view to equipping participants with the knowledge and expertise necessary for high-level teaching in the Chinese language and literature field.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Ms Wendy Lai
Contacts 3917-2538, wmylai@hku.hk

# Serving language teachers may apply for grants under the “Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme for Language Teachers”.

Chinese Language Education (CLE)
Full-time and part-time

The specialism provides teachers, language educators and teacher educators with theoretical knowledge and the latest research developments in Chinese linguistics and language and enhances their pedagogical skills. This course also ams to promote research relevant to language in education in Hong Kong.

Click here for detailed information in Chinese (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Chin-Hsi Lin
Contacts 3917-1512, chinhsi@hku.hk
Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development (CGSED)
Full-time and part-time

Comparison is a fundamental tool for all forms of enquiry. When applied to education in an international setting, it assists in identification of factors which shape education systems, processes and outcomes and instruments for improvement. The comparisons in this specialism will be framed by theories and understandings of the forces of globalisation. These forces bring benefits for many people, but can also have negative dimensions. The specialism will examine forces of continuity and change and the implications for educators. It will also focus on the nature of development in an international context and on the role of education in the processes of development. This will include analysis of all levels of formal education (early childhood to higher education), and various types of non-formal education. It will include particular reference to UNESCO’s work in the context of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Nutsa Kobakhidze
Contacts 2241-5454, nutsak@hku.hk
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
Full-time and part-time

This is an extension of Asia’s first-of-its-kind Master of Education in Language Across the Curriculum (MEd[LAC]) programme founded in HKU in 2012, one that has been gaining increasing popularity over the years, attracting local and international participants from Mainland China, Thailand, Korea and Canada in its recent cohorts. The CLIL specialism aims to cater for more content and language in-service and pre-service teachers in Hong Kong, Mainland China as well as overseas. It is designed for subject teachers who are directly involved in English medium instruction (EMI) and English language teachers who have a role to play in supporting EMI content teaching. It equips participants with the linguistic principles and knowledge of practice to develop and implement language-across-the-curriculum initiatives in schools to improve both English academic literacy and EMI content instruction.

Click here for detailed information for Classroom mode (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Ms Nicole Tavares
Contacts 3917-2175; tavaresn@hku.hk
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CP)
Full-time and part-time 

The specialism aims to develop an advanced understanding (appropriate to the Master's level) of the curriculum field. Specifically, students will follow specialist courses that explore ideas and theories in the areas of curriculum concepts and design, learning and pedagogy, curriculum policy and practice, and curriculum implementation.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Ming Fai Pang
Contacts 2859-2428, pangmf@hku.hk
Education and Society in China (ESC)
Full-time and part-time 

This specialism aims to provide participants with sociological theories, contextual knowledge, and analytical skills to understand and analyse educational issues in China. The goal of the specialism is to cultivate in the participants the ability to critically analyse the influence of social, cultural, political, and economic forces on education in China. Specifically, participants will learn classical and contemporary sociological traditions, acquire a comprehensive knowledge about education in China and engage in in-depth analysis of one or more focus issues. The specialism will help students to understand China in the global context and to distinguish the unique Chinese character of its educational development.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Dan Wang
Contacts 2859-1904, danwang@hku.hk
Educational Administration and Management (EAM)
Full-time and part-time

This specialism provides educators with the theoretical background and research capacity to understand and analyse the practice of administration and management in education. Topics include organisation theories; management theories; theories and strategies for decision-making; sociological perspectives of educational institutions; educational policy-making and planning; organisational psychology; accountability and law in education, and research methodology in educational administration.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Vincent Wong
Contacts 2859-2986; wongvin@hku.hk
English Language Education (ELE)
Full-time and part-time

This specialism aims to provide experienced qualified English teachers and language specialists with an appropriate theory-based framework within which to understand and investigate issues involved in English language education. The specialism also develops the practical skills needed for school-based classroom research and curriculum development. Applicants should possess a first degree in a related area, a teaching qualification and a minimum of one year of teaching experience.

Entry requirements:

  1. Have obtained a minimum level 7 overall in IELTS or equivalent and no less than 6.5 in any skill (where applicable)
  2. Hold a first degree in a language related discipline
  3. Hold a teaching qualification
  4. Have at least 1 year of full-time teaching experience (discretion may be applied in considering individual cases

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinators Dr Jim Chan
Contacts 3917-6107; edjimcyh@hku.hk
Gifted Education and Talent Development (GT)
Full-time and part-time

Gifted Education and Talent Development is a professional graduate course designed for administrators, teachers, student affairs professionals, and guidance personnel concerned with various aspects of gifted education and talent development in schools and similar settings.

The course is based upon the belief that talent development is essential for all school students. The course provides not only the theoretical framework for gifted education but also practical strategies for organising and implementing activities that foster students’ creativity, talent development, social and emotional development, and career preparation. The course addresses participants’ development of key competencies necessary for implementing school-wide gifted education and talent development programmes. The participants in this specialism will be encouraged to reflect on their own practices and strategies in gifted education and talent development, which in turn can contribute to the building of a school-wide talent development system.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinators Dr Mantak Yuen, Dr Serene Chan

Dr Yuen: 3917-8542; mtyuen@hku.hk

Dr Chan: 3917-6187; schan15@hku.hk

Health Professions Education (HPE)
Full-time and part-time 

This joint specialism delivered by both the Faculty of Education and the Bau Institute of Medical & Health Sciences Education (BIMHSE) of the LKS Faculty of Medicine aims to advance the field of Health Professions Education (HPE) in Hong Kong and internationally. This specialism is for educators in the health sciences disciplines who are looking to enhance clinical supervision, lead educational change and transform students’ lives. It will support innovation in educational design and delivery in light of the latest research on learning and teaching. Graduates will also have the capacity to develop and evaluate educational quality in healthcare organisations. The MEd (HPE) will also provide a recognised platform from which graduates could pursue research at doctoral levels (EdD or PhD).

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Susan Bridges 

Tel: 3917-0359; sbridges@hku.hk

Higher Education (HE)
Full-time and part-time

This specialism strengthens competencies and confidence of university and college managers to navigate the cutting-edge ideas and the best practices of higher education leadership, team-building, international and cross-cultural communication, problem-solving, complex data management, shared governance, and quality assurance. The courses draw on interdisciplinary perspectives that are contributed by sociology, economics, political science, administrative studies, and comparative education. The learning process is driven by practical insights from experienced professionals of international agencies, national governments, funding bodies, academic associations, universities, polytechnics, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, research centers, academic health science centers, branch campuses, and joint educational ventures.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Anatoly Oleksiyenko
Contacts 2241-5339, paoleks@hku.hk
Psychological Studies in Education (PSE)
Full-time and part-time 

This specialism is designed to familiarize teachers/educators/individuals interested in psychological studies in education with the basic concepts and principles of developmental, educational, and social psychology and their application in educational contexts. Strong emphasis will be placed on topics and issues in contemporary research and on relevance to schools and higher educational institutions in Hong Kong, mainland China, and the rest of the world. Sample topics covered are (i) learner characteristics (e.g., cognitive development, language development, moral development, psychosocial development, interpersonal development, and factors influencing student development such as individual differences in learning approaches, motivation, and learning styles); (ii) teacher characteristics (e.g., conceptions of teaching and learning, emotions in teaching, teacher self-efficacy, teaching styles, and teaching approaches); and (iii) the process, context, and culture of learning (e.g., theories of learning and teaching, curriculum, pedagogy, learning how to learn, designing effective learning, classroom talk, assessment, computer-supported collaborative learning, and the Chinese Learner).

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Prof Li-fang Zhang
Contacts 3917-2522, lfzhang@hku.hk
Science Education (SE)
Full-time and part-time 

This specialism aims to develop teachers’ understanding of various issues and global trends in science education (e.g. STEM education) to enable them to contribute more effectively towards initiating, designing and implementing innovative teaching in science education in Hong Kong or worldwide.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Kennedy Chan
Contacts 2859-2541, kennedyckh@hku.hk
STEM Education (STEM)
Full-time and part-time 

This specialism aims to equip education students with in depth understanding of theoretical and practical issues surrounding STEM education. The specialism will explore philosophy, theories, learning design, technologies and policy at local and international level in respect to STEM. A specific theoretical construct will be examined in the specialism with focus on developing further research agenda at graduate level: technology and transdisciplinary studies (e.g. STEM, ST , and STREAM, standing for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Daniel Churchill
Contacts 2859-1141, dchurch@hku.hk


Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL)
Full-time only

This specialism is designed for pre-service and in-service Chinese language teachers, who are from international schools or schools with students studying Chinese as a second language and want to excel in researching and teaching Chinese as a second language in local and global contexts. This course caters for educators in the teaching of Chinese as a second language curriculum in Hong Kong, making reference to the teaching of other curricula, such as the IB, GCSE, IGCSE and AP etc.

This specialism is a course provider of the IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning and the IB Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning Research (DP) for teaching Chinese language both as a second language and a first language recognized by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization).

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Chun Lai
Contacts 3917-7087, laichun@hku.hk
Teaching of Science in an International Context (TSIC)
Full-time and part-time

This course is designed for researchers, educators and pre-service or in-service Science teachers in primary or secondary schools, especially those from Direct Subsidy Scheme schools, mainstream schools and international schools, who want to excel in research and the teaching of Science in local and global contexts. The programme caters for practitioners in the teaching of the science curriculum in Hong Kong, making reference to the teaching of other curricula, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), GCSE etc.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Ms Promail Leung
Contacts 2859-1958; kypleung@hku.hk

1.Educational Studies (ES)

Full-time and part-time

This Educational Studies specialism combines a core course in the foundations of education with a flexible course structure. The core course introduces participants to three overlapping domains of inquiry. The first examines the ways in which education reinforces, reproduces, or challenges educational inequality by exploring a number of key themes: type and organisation of schooling, medium of instruction, private education, special educational needs and inclusive education, language, and student background (by gender, social and economic status and ethnicity). The second investigates, from a comparative perspective, the major features and current issues in educational systems worldwide, including Hong Kong. The third domain consists of the analysis, clarification, and re-imagining of the central concepts and assumptions upon which our understanding of education is based, drawing on the sociology of education.

Click here for detailed information (PDF)

Specialism Coordinator Dr Hugo Horta
Contacts 2859-2525, horta@hku.hk 
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