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Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences

Programme Overview and Aims

BED&BSS has been jointly offered by the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences since 2012.  This 5-year double degree integrates major studies in Social Sciences and professional studies in Liberal Studies education. The BED&BSS is a unique programme in the region designed to reach out to the society and to understand and respond to both local and global issues. Our mission is to prepare students to be young professionals, researchers and leaders serving the community through a rich variety of learning experiences.

This double degree gives students an integrated experience in Social Sciences and Liberal Studies education, and allows broader career prospects. The programme combines rigorous academic study with experiential learning, internship and exchange, and practical application. Graduates of the BED&BSS are fully qualified to teach Liberal Studies and Humanities-related curricula.

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Programme Features

  • Students will develop interest and knowledge in social sciences from a range of Social Sciences majors and expertise in teaching Liberal Studies and Humanities-related curricula. They will identify and reflect critically upon contemporary issues in Liberal Studies and education, and develop personal strengths and professional commitment to education.
  • The programme offers two degrees in one. It is equivalent to a BSS plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, a professional teaching qualification recognized in Hong Kong schools and internationally. BED&BSS meets government requirements for Liberal Studies and Humanities teachers:

® First degree majoring in Social Sciences

® Teacher training qualification in Liberal Studies and Humanities teaching

  • Students may take a range of elective courses within the Faculty of Education or in other Faculties, and may combine elective courses to declare a minor subject.
  • Students will participate in Global Citizenship programmes overseas to increase global awareness, and an experiential learning programme to enhance Liberal Studies professional knowledge.
Online Admissions Talk
By Dr Eva Chan, Programme Coordinator of BED&BSS
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