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Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science

1. What are the University entrance requirements and the programme entrance requirement for JUPAS candidates?
The University entrance requirements and our Faculty entrance requirement can be viewed from the HKU website at:


2. Can I apply for direct entry to Year 2 or 3?
There is no direct entry to Year 2 or 3 for the BED&BSC programme.

3. I am a current student of a bachelor’s degree programme at another university.  Can I apply for a transfer?
Candidates studying bachelor's degree programmes in Hong Kong or at overseas (except the Mainland China) may apply through the Non-JUPAS / International Admissions Scheme for a transfer and indicate in the application their preference for credit transfer and / or direct entry.  Request for credit transfer will be considered by the Faculty after you have been admitted to the University.  Bachelor’s degree students studying programmes funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC) in local tertiary institutions may wish to note that inter-institutional transfer is generally discouraged unless there are exceptional circumstances and such transfer has been specially approved by the University on the basis of over-enrolment.

Local / non-local candidates attending bachelor's degree programmes in Mainland universities should apply through the scheme "Admission of Undergraduate Students from the Mainland" coordinated by the University’s China Affairs Office.

4. I am a JUPAS applicant.  Do I need to put the Programme in Band A choice?
Normally only Band A applicants will be considered favourably in admissions.  Applicants should put our programmes in Band A to increase chances of amissions.

5. How many places are available?

16 places.

6. Is there any quota for non-JUPAS applicants?  How many students were admitted through the non-JUPAS exercise?
The number of places is not pre-determined, it will depend on the quality of JUPAS and non-JUPAS applicants.

7. Do you interview students for admissions?  
Candidates may be invited to attend interviews.  However, being invited to an interview is not an indicator of the chance of admissions.     

8. Will BEd&BSc prefer independent Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) than Combined Science and Integrated Science subjects?
No. All these subjects will be given equal weighting in computing the overall scores of applicants.

9. Will the BEd&BSc accept combined HKDSE certificates?
Combined HKDSE certificates are allowed for two sittings, with no penalty.  

10. What are the admissions scores of applicants admitted in previous years?
The admissions scores can be viewed at HKU website at:


11. What is the application deadline?
Please refer to the following websites for important dates for admissions:




12. What are the composition (tuition) fees and will there be any financial assistance?
Please refer to the HKU website at:


13. What are the career prospects of the BED&BSC programme?
Please refer to the programme website for information.

14. When do I need to declare the Science Major?
Students need to declare their Science Major by the end of Year 2.


15. Can I take any one of the majors from the Faculty of Sciences as my subject major?
Students can only take one of the approved majors as their subject major (See Curriculum Structure).  Science majors such as Mathematics, Statistics are currently not on the list.

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