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Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit and Video Series

Updated on June 06, 2023 (Tue)

Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit and Video Series


The COVID-19 pandemic in recent years has led to increasing adoption of virtual teaching and learning. While virtual teaching and learning may open opportunities and innovative educational approaches for teachers and students, the potential inaccessibility of the virtual learning environment and digital educational materials may pose challenges to students which in turn may hinder learning and teaching experiences and outcomes. It is important to co-create an accessible virtual learning environment to cater for the diverse learning needs of our students.


With the funding support from the UGC Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning in 2021-2023, Dr Yeung Pui Sze, Patcy and Dr Ma Yuet Kwan, Gloria from the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) have developed the “Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit” and the “#IDEALeaders Self-learning Video Series” to promote the co-creation of virtual learning accessibility.


Check out and download the Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit at: and


The Toolkit contains three major sections, namely “basic concepts”, “practical tips”, and “resources”.

Basic concepts – introduces several rights-based guiding principles, and the roles and responsibility of different university members.


Practical tips – provides systematic and practical guidelines and resources on creating accessible materials that cover 17 examples of authoring tools and digital materials such as Word documents, PowerPoint, PDF, and online surveys, and tips on delivering accessible livestreaming session.

Resources – provides a list of examples of relevant local community resources, and list of examples of resources at HKU regarding e-learning, accessibility support in teaching and learning, and disability awareness and disability inclusion.


Check out the Video Series on the following platforms:

The Video Series features 14 topics:

  1. Advocating for co-creation of accessibility
  2. Demystifying misconceptions
  3. Tools and techniques for creating and using digital materials for teaching and learning
  4. Disability and access needs regarding virtual teaching and learning
  5. Looking for support resources and potential solutions
  6. Enhancing accessibility of Word documents
  7. Enhancing accessibility of PowerPoint
  8. Enhancing accessibility of PDF documents
  9. Enhancing accessibility of video and audio
  10. Enhancing accessibility of online survey
  11. Accessibility considerations in selecting e-learning tools
  12. Enhancing accessibility of screen sharing
  13. Introduction to reading documents using screen readers (*produced in collaboration with the Hong Kong Blind Union)
  14. Creation and use of templates

The name of the Project team, “IDEA”, refers to “Inclusion, Diversity, Education, and Accessibility”. The name of this Series, “IDEAL”, refers to “IDEA Leaders”. It invites you to the journey towards co-creating accessible virtual learning.


To contact the project team, please email to [javascript protected email address].


Welcome to share the Toolkit and Video Series on your social media platforms along with the hashtag #IDEAL_VLa11yTookit