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Student sharing - Real-time Online Tutoring (ROT) Programme for HKDSE Candidates


助人自助 教學相長









A Sense of Satisfaction from Offering a Helping Hand

Ng Wing Lam, Vivian
Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science

The Faculty School-University Partnerships Office and the “DSE 27771112” Centre of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) came together to launch a real-time online tutoring platform for this year’s Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) candidates. The programme lasted for two months and featured student teachers from our Faculty who helped candidates prepare for the HKDSE, especially during the school suspension period.

Ng Wing Lam, Vivian, a Chemistry Major, was one of the 66 tutors from the Faculty, answering questions raised by candidates on Telegram. The students were proactive and raised many meaningful questions. Through answering their questions, Vivian came to understand the difficulties students encounter in grasping various chemistry concepts. For instance, they often find mole calculation abstract and difficult, as it involves submicroscopic ideas and calculations. Apart from that, Vivian and her teammates were often asked about questions appearing in past papers on topics the students had not learnt much about. In the tutoring sessions, Vivian shared her experience in handling such questions, which helped boost the candidates’ confidence.

Vivian believes the more in-depth understanding of students’ learning processes has enabled her to teach better. In her future teaching, she plans to invite students to do experiments that involve more difficult concepts, allowing more practice in authentic situations. She may also ask students to explain certain special chemical phenomena, so as to ensure that they fully understand the underlying concepts.

“The participation was fruitful not only because of the experience and insights I have gained, but also because of the sense of satisfaction: I felt contented when I helped the students. It was wonderful to see their stress and worries being relieved, too. I would like to thank the Faculty and the HKFYG for providing me such a precious learning opportunity. It is also important to thank my teammates for their hard work,” Vivian remarked.