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Experiential Learning


“I CAN DO IT” Parental Training Programme (New)


Background of Community Partner


The Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE) was established in February 2004, under the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong with the aim of advancing research and services in special education and of providing an infra-structure to encourage synergies in carrying out research projects in the field of special education.


Project Keywords


Parental training, SEN, ASD, Behaviour training




Students’ behavioural, social or emotional difficulties are often the hindrance to learning and the core of conflict within a family. Through a 6-week intensive training programme, by adopting the train-the-trainer and spiral approaches, mentors (students joining this EL project) are involved to train parents to:


  • understand and analyse young children’s functional behaviour and causes of their social-emotional/behaivoural difficulties
  • use principles from Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and visual approaches to build up young children’s positive compliant behaviours and eliminate negative behaviours
  • develop children’s essential social, communication, and emotional skills through games
  • set appropriate targets to train their children
  • generalize the skills learnt in the home environment, and
  • train other family members in the training


Work Details


Role of mentors:


  • Support parents to understand and analyse their children’s functional behaviour and causes of their social-emotional difficulties
  • 1:1 practice with parents the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis and other effective strategies to promote positive behaviours, eliminate negative behaviours, and develop social emotional skills
  • Support parents to set appropriate targets to train their children
  • Evaluate parents’ home practice (videos)




  • Early April 2024: learn video feedback skills and understand the student’s background information
  • 27 April – 1 June 2024:
    • six Saturdays, 2:30-5:30 pm
    • video feedback every Wednesday evening
    • study of the learning targets every Friday

(A total of at least 36 hours of work)




The University of Hong Kong




PGDE (part-time) students majoring in SEN, preferably have knowledge about ABA, ASD, ADHD




Interested students please submit your application with your cover letter and CV through the HKU online application platform no later than 29 February 2024.




Mrs. Kit Chan, Lecturer (HKU) [Email: [javascript protected email address]]