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Experiential Learning

MinXin Hong Kong School (Guangzhou Nansha)

BBED6804 Greater Bay Area Hong Kong School Experiential Learning – STEAM Projects (New)


Project Details


In recent years, the development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) in accordance with the key strategic blueprint of the country opens up vast opportunities for innovation and education. The mushrooming education institutions set foot in GBA have filled the place with multifarious curricula and innovative pedagogies. GBA Hong Kong schools have become increasingly popular among students and teachers. Aspiring student teachers at HKU may find this course adventurous and discerning for their career paving as it provides experiential learning opportunities in a GBA HK school (Minxin Hong Kong School [Guangzhou Nansha]) with: 


  • Lesson observation 
  • Teaching practice and/or event organization (implementing STEAM projects) 
  • Cultural adaptation and exchange  
  • Reflection on professional growth 
  • Cultivation of positive values in the teaching profession  


Prior to embarking on the GBA HK school, students will be equipped with the school’s background information and pre-departure training. During the GBA experiential learning trip, students will have class observation and STEAM project implementation opportunities, and closely supervised under the guidance of our own faculty members. Students’ performance in the course will be evaluated through a variety of means including reports from the host school, regular online reflections, and a multi-media presentation at the end of the project.




Semesters 1 and 2, 2023-24 (dates to be confirmed)


  • Taught sessions on Fridays 6:30-8:20 pm (when scheduled) at HKU
  • Hands-on STEAM training sessions on some Saturdays provided by the community partner off-campus
  • Approximately one week School Attachment and Experiential Learning Block around Easter 2024 at Minxin Hong Kong School (Guangzhou Nansha)




Hong Kong and Minxin Hong Kong School (Guangzhou Nansha)




UG students from all disciplines (No. of places: 10)




Register BBED6804FY Greater Bay Area Hong Kong School Experiential Learning - STEAM Projects via SIS (Students will earn 6 credits after successful completion of the course)


Application Deadline


Online course add/drop period in Semester 1, 2023-24




  1. All Experiential Learning courses offered by the Faculty of Education adopt PASS/FAIL grading basis. (This new course is awaiting approval from the Senate.)
  2. Students may need to study/work off-campus in schools/premises of our community partners and/or their collaborating partners.




Ms. Rowena Liu (Email: [javascript protected email address])