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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Social Data Science

Programme Overview and Aims

The curriculum of the BASc(SDS) is offered by the Faculties of Education, Science, and Social Sciences. Our rapidly changing society is now driven by digital data, and our decision-making is often situated in social contexts and influenced by societal, economic, political and technological factors. Social Data Science aims to drive and catalyse new ways of thinking when analysing and applying data in the context of the social sciences. The course takes an interdisciplinary approach, integrating information science, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and social sciences to address social issues and societal challenges. By bringing together different disciplines from the Faculties of Education, Science, and Social Sciences, we are positioning the BASc(SDS) as a senior year entry programme for sub-degree holders. Social data science is an area having strong demand in the twenty-first century and it is expected to grow globally and locally across settings such as innovation, information technology, marketing, consulting, health care, financial services, government, NGOs, academia, retail and consumer services, gaming, and educationally-related settings. Potential graduates of the BASc(SDS) will be enabled to work in all or any of these fields.


Programme Features

Exchange Programme

To foster students' international understanding, the programme encourages them to study overseas in well-established universities through academic exchange.


Partnerships with Industry

Many experts from industry participate in our programme as advisors, co-lecturers, and guest speakers. Students will apply what they learn in their academic studies in real-life situations by working on social data science related projects through a summer internship experience in a selected organization.


Final Year Project (FYP)

Students will apply a wide range of research methods and skills in a social data science project to complete a significant piece of work under supervision. Students will also be encouraged to present their projects at international and/or local conferences.

Online Admissions Talk
By Dr Xiao Hu, Programme Director of BASc(SDS)
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