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HKU Alumni Day 2024

Updated on March 16, 2024 (Sat)

HKU Alumni Day 2024

The first HKU Alumni Day successfully took place on March 16, 2024. The Faculty of Education organised a range of interesting and enjoyable activities for the alumni, their families and friends on the HKU campus on this memorable day. 


One of the highlights of the series of activities was the enlightening talk on the theme "Do Students Have A Dream?" delivered by Professor Cheng Kai Ming, Emeritus Professor of the Faculty. During the talk, Professor Cheng shed light on the importance of dreams in education and provided insightful suggestions for educators to create an environment that fosters dreams. He also encouraged people to help students think beyond the boundaries of convention and empower them to turn their dreams into goals. 


In addition to the inspiring talk, the game booth “Green Voice for Children” provided an enjoyable and enriching experience for both our alumni and their children. By engaging in interesting games, participants not only had lots of fun but also acquired valuable knowledge about the significance of vocal health. 


The day also offered an opportunity for alumni to interact with our current students from the group “Speechians’ Action”, who shared knowledge on caring for individuals with swallowing disorders during the interactive session. Through the treatment demonstration, participants gained a deeper understanding of the techniques and practices involved in managing swallowing disorders. 


The Faculty of Education sincerely appreciates the support shown by the alumni during the HKU Alumni Day. We greatly look forward to welcoming them once again in future events. 

The Power Point file of Professor Cheng Kai Ming’s talk can be downloaded here. It is also available on our event webpage: