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Dr CHENG, Anthony K.L.

Dr CHENG, Anthony K.L.



Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership


B.Sc., P.C.Ed. (HK), M.Soc.Sc. (UniSA), M.Phil. (CUHK), PhD (HK)


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(852) 2241 5797


Room 409, Runme Shaw Building


  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Science Education
  • Curriculum Implementation

Research Expertise

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Science Education

Prospective PhD/ EdD/ MPhil Applications

I am available to supervise EdD students and would welcome enquiries for supervision.

Teaching areas:


  • Science Curriculum
  • Curriculum Implementation
  • Theory of School Management
  • Educational Studies (Inquiry-based)
  • Pedagogy of Liberal Studies / Citizenship and Social Development 
  • Self-regulated Learning
  • Multicultural Education


Research Interests:


  • Science textbooks (using SFL-CDA approach)
  • Interdisciplinary STEM Education
  • Dialogic teaching
  • Nature of Science

Co-investigator, Promoting Effective Use of Practical Work in Senior Secondary Biology Classrooms through Cognitively Demanding Practical Work and Video Analysis of Teaching Practices. (Quality Education Fund of HKSAR Government, PI: Dr. Kennedy CHAN, Year of award: 2020, Amount: HKD $1,883,800)

Co-investigator, Promoting Productive Classroom Dialogue and Knowledge Building. (Seed Fund for Basic Research of HKU, PI: Prof Carol CHAN, Year: 2019, Amount: HKD  $53,260)

Co-investigator, Promoting Classroom Dialogue: Teacher Professional Development Using Online Video Analytics and Collective Inquiry. (Faculty Research Fund of HKU Faculty of Education, PI: Dr. Gaowei CHAN, Year: 2019, Amount:  HKD  $59,960)

Principal investigator, Conceptions of Teacher Professionalism in Hong Kong: a Cross-sector Comparative Study. (Faculty Research Fund of HKU Faculty of Education, Year: 2018, Amount: HKD  $59,955)

Co-investigator, Dialogic Teaching for Enhancing Productive Dialogue and Student Engagement in Teacher Education, (Faculty Research Fund of HKU Faculty of Education, PI: Dr. Queenie LEE, Year: 2018, Amount: HKD  $59,634)

Co-investigator, Bridging Theory and Practice through Inquiry-Based School Experience in Pre-Service Teacher Education. (Teaching Development Grant of HKU, Year: 2017, PI: Prof Carol CHAN, Amount: HKD  $250,000)

Tsang C. L., & Cheng K. L. (2021, September) Towards Decontextualized neutrality - Modern Chinese History as Portrayed in the History Textbooks in Hong Kong [Paper presentation]. Emerging Researchers' Conference, European Conference on Educational Research 2021, Online.

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Cheng K. L. (2018, December). Biotechnological Issues Portrayed In Chinese Textbooks [Paper presentation]. 2018 International Conference of East-Asian Association for Science Education (EASE), Hualien, Taiwan.

Cheng K. L. (2018, December). Technology Fixes To Energy Use-associated Environmental Issues? An Analysis Of The Constructions In Chinese Physics Textbooks [Paper presentation]. 2018 International Conference of East-Asian Association for Science Education (EASE), Hualien, Taiwan.

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