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ALiTE Leadership Series - Establishing Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) Committee for Forward-looking Staff Management Policies

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July 19, 2022 (Tue)


2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

ALiTE Leadership Series - Establishing Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) Committee for Forward-looking Staff Management Policies


Establishing a Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) Committee for forward-looking staff management is of vital legal and management importance to schools. The functions of this Committee include formulating forward-looking school-based polices and guidelines on teachers’ professional acts, especially when they deliver their education services under public trust; setting up internal dispute settlement mechanism to avoid any potential escalation into staff litigation which might last for years with millions of legal costs; and cultivating a positive, supportive and understanding school culture for teachers’ continuing professional development and sustainable school succession planning.


In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the potential legal risks and impacts of malpractices in schools; the importance of establishing a SHRM Committee in formulating school-based policies on teachers’ professional behavior; and the necessary legal knowledge in handling school disputes including the hierarchy of courts, the cost of litigation and the benefits of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), i.e. mediation. This workshop will also provide a supportive and interactive platform for participants to share their schools’ successful experiences, management struggles and conflict resolution mechanism, with the aid of video clips, case studies, court judgements and small group discussions.



Dr Vincent Wong is the Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong and Specialism Coordinator in Educational Administration and Management (MEd). Vincent has served as the Visiting Research Fellow and Academic Visitor in areas of education and law in the University of Oxford. Having sharpened his professional expertise in educational and administrative leadership in the University of Cambridge, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Vincent has been training strategic school or organisational leadership for ministerial, senior or government officials from Ministry of Education and for principals, middle managers and panel heads or schools from over 40 economies including Hong Kong, China, Finland, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Korea, Japan for over 15 years. Internationally, Vincent has served as a Special Researcher in Human Resources Management (HRM) for the Finnish and the Chinese Government.  He is also a Visiting Professor in Meiji University School of Business Administration, Japan and Visiting Scholar in various renowned universities. Locally, Vincent has been appointed by the Secretary of Education as the member of Steering Committee on Promotion of Vocational and Professional Education and Training and Qualification Frameworks, and appointed by Education Bureau as Vetting Committee for Sabbatical Leaves for Professional Development of Principals and Teachers and other government departments for other public services.


Target Participants: Principals, Vice-principals and Assistant Principals, Panel Heads, Functional Heads, Middle Managers in Local Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese (Supplemented with English)

Venue: Main Campus of The University of Hong Kong*

(Delivery mode may be changed from face-to-face to online mode in view of the latest development of COVID-19. Participants will be informed of further arrangements if necessary)

Fee: HKD$700 / Participant

Quota: 30 Participants



  1. Government’s Vaccine Pass requirements are applicable to universities. Visitors should have received three doses of COVID-19 vaccination; and use the LeaveHomeSafe(LHS) mobile application to scan the venue QR code. For more information, please visit: Anyone who does not have a smartphone or is unable to use the LHS app can present their vaccination record or exemption certificate in paper form to the security staff at the entrances to gain access to campus.
  2. Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants with 100% attendance.

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