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Education Mentorship Programme

Education Mentorship Programme



The Education Mentorship Programme is jointly organised by the Faculty of Education, HKU and the Hong Kong University Education Alumni Association (HKUEdAA). The Faculty’s senior-year students are enabled to enhance their exposure to professional development through direct experience, sharing, and active interaction with experienced professionals and executives in education-related fields, who serve as mentors. 

Through the Programme, our students shall:

  • learn and obtain advice from their mentors;
  • build networks; and
  • understand the expectations of potential employers.

Our mentors shall:

  • get acquainted with the next generation; and
  • contribute towards their professional sectors/fields.



Faculty mentors:

  • are alumni or friends of the Faculty from a range of disciplines/backgrounds including the teaching profession, education administration, speech therapy, information technology in education, library management, government and non-governmental organisations, etc.; and
  • usually have at least five years of working experience.


Faculty mentees are full-time third-year^ to final-year undergraduate students* of the Faculty of Education, HKU.



^First/second-year for students of the BASc(SDS), BSc(ACD) and BSc(IM) programmes.

*Students are not eligible if they will not be in Hong Kong for four months or more during the mentorship period.


Important Dates

Application deadline: February 17, 2023 (Friday)

Announcement of result: Early March 2023

Inauguration Ceremony: 

  - Date:  March 11, 2023 (Saturday)

  - Time:  11:30 am - 12:30 pm 

     (All mentees are required to attend the Ceremony) 

 Mentorship period: March 2023 to February 2024




Apply to be a Faculty Mentee  (Priority will be given to fourth-year and final year students)


Alumni of the Faculty who are interested in joining the Programme as a mentor, please contact [javascript protected email address].  



Faculty mentors should:

  • engage with your mentee(s) regularly via different kinds of online communications and activities (depending on the pandemic situation);
  • interact with and provide opinions/perspectives to your mentee(s);
  • give your mentee(s) opportunities to learn by experience;
  • maintain a professional relationship with mentee(s); and
  • inform us of issues that arise with the Programme/mentee(s).


Faculty mentors should not:

  • encourage short-cuts or the development of bad habits;
  • give your mentee(s) expensive gifts and always pick up the bill; and
  • help your mentee(s), in actual terms, to secure a job.


Faculty mentees should:

  • contact your mentor proactively and regularly through telephone, email, ZOOM, social media platforms, face-to-face (depending on the pandemic situation), etc.;
  • take the initiative to arrange different activities;
  • observe general etiquette standards, i.e. be punctual, courteous and thankful;
  • keep all scheduled appointments; and
  • prepare some topics for discussion before meeting your mentor.


Faculty mentees should not:

  • expect your mentor to solve all your problems for you;
  • expect your mentor to find a job for you;
  • cancel a meeting and/or a visit at the last minute;
  • contact your mentor at unreasonable hours; and
  • commit yourself to obligations you cannot keep.



  • At the programme level, the Faculty will take the lead to arrange group/networking activities, such as sharing sessions to facilitate communication and strengthen the relationship between mentors and mentees.
  • At the individual level, mentor and mentee(s) may arrange more online activities, office/home visits, lunches, sports or other activities, depending on their interests and the pandemic situation.
  • There are no rules governing the minimum number of contact hours, which will vary depending on the schedules of both mentor and mentee(s).
  • Typically, mentor and mentee(s) are advised to meet, via online channels like ZOOM, email, social media platforms, phone or in-person (depending on the pandemic situation) three times a year.



  • Faculty mentors will be invited to give us comments at the end of the mentorship period by completing an online survey.
  • Faculty mentees will be required to submit interim and final reports on your mentorship experience and opinions.