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Dr FUNG, Dennis C.L.

Personal Particulars

Dr FUNG, Dennis C.L.


B.Sc., P.G.C.E., M.Ed. (The University of Hong Kong)
M.Phil., Ph.D. (The University of Cambridge)

Associate Professor

Head of Division

Division of Mathematics and Science Education

Tel: (852) 2219 4607

Location: Room 323, Runme Shaw Building

Areas of Expertise:

Please refer to the detailed information in the Profile Page

Areas of Expertise

Teaching Areas:
Teaching of Integrated Science [EDUC7040] (PGDE FT/PT); Becoming a teaching profession: Education in a globalised society (I) (BEd&BSc); Classroom Research: An Introduction [EDUC2004] (BEd); Teaching of Critical Thinking in General Studies [EDUC 7130 / EDUC 8130] (PGDE FT/PT);

Research Interests:
Liberal Studies / General Studies; Science Education; Group Work; Critical Thinking; Educational Policy


Faculty Early Career Research Output Award 2014

Faculty Early-Career Conference Award  2014

Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award 2015

Faculty Teacher Effectiveness Awards (Postgraduate) 2015

Faculty Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2017

  1. Early Career Scheme (ECS) funded research by Research Grants Council ("The Effects of Collaborative Group Work on Junior Secondary Science Learning: The Teacher’s Role in Facilitating the Joint Construction of Conceptual Knowledge") (2014-2015 $315,996); Principal Investigator.
  2. Y Law for Secondary School Liberal Studies Curriculum: Decoding Crimes to Prevent Crimes (in collaboration with the Faculty of Law); (Nov. 2013 - Aug 2014); Impact Project; University Knowledge Exchange Funding (HK$ 72,960); Principal Investigator.
  3. Supporting Teaching and Learning in Liberal Studies through Collaboration between Exemplary Teachers, Non-Government Organizations and HKU Student-teachers; (Sep 2012 - Aug 2014); Impact Project; University Knowledge Exchange Funding (HK$ 98,840); Principal Investigator.
  4. Bilateral (Hong Kong) Research on the Effects of Social Pedagogic Contexts in the Teaching of Mathematics; Facilitating Learning in Two Cultures; (June 2012 - Dec 2013); RGC/ESRC Joint Research Scheme (HK$ 375,224); Co-Investigator.
  5. Developing Collaborative Culture for Professional Learning; (Sep 2012-Mar 2014); Teaching Developing Grants (TDG) Awards (HK$ 262,464); Principal Investigator.
  6. Liberal Studies Forum in AM730 Newspaper; (Nov. 2011 - Aug. 2013); Impact Project; University Knowledge Exchange Funding (HK$ 98,960); Principal Investigator.
  7. Community Legal Information Centre (CLIC) [Legal Education in Liberal Studies and General Studies in Hong Kong Secondary and Primary Schools]; (Apr. 2011 - Mar. 2014); Secretary for Home Affairs, HKSAR (HK$ 3,120,000); Co-Investigator.


  1. Fung, D.C.L. & Lui, P.W.M. (Aug, 2016). Education Policy Analysis: Liberal Studies and National Education in Hong Kong, Singapore: Springer Publications, ISBN 978-981-10-2608-9



Journal articles and book chapters

  1. Hung, V.Y.M., & Fung, D.C.L. (published online in Apr 2017, in press now). The Effectiveness of Hybrid Dynamic Visualisation in Learning Genetics in a Hong Kong Secondary School. Research in Science & Technological Education
  2. Fung, D.C.L., Kutnick, P., Mok, I. A., Leung, F. K., Li, J. C., Lee, B. P. Y., & Lai, V. K. (2017). Relationships between teachers’ background, their subject knowledge and pedagogic efficacy, and pupil achievement in primary school mathematics in Hong Kong: An indicative study. International Journal of Educational Research, 81(1), 119-130
  3. Yuen, M.T., Chan, S., Chan, C., Fung, D.C.L., Cheung, W.M., Kwan, T., & Leung, F.K.S. (published online in May 2016, in press now). Differentiation in key learning areas for gifted students in regular classes: A project for primary school teachers in Hong Kong. Gifted Education International. DOI: 10.1177/0261429416649047 
  4. Kutnick, P., Fung, D.C.L., Mok, A.C, & Leung, K.S., Li, J., Lee, B.P.Y and Lai, V.K.W (published online in March 2016, in press now). Implementing effective group work for mathematical understanding in primary school classrooms in Hong Kong. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. DOI: 10.1007/s10763-016-9729-7
  5. Fung, D.C.L., & Lui, P.W.M.  (2016). Individual to collaborative: guided group work and the role of teachers in junior secondary science classrooms. International Journal of Science Education, 38(7), 1057-1076
  6. Fung, D.C.L. (2015). The 'Chocolate Experiment' - A demonstration of radiation absorption by different coloured surfaces. The Physics Teacher, 53(9), 545-547
  7. Fung, D.C.L. (2015). Expectation versus reality: The case of Liberal Studies in Hong Kong's new senior secondary reforms. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 46(4), 624-644
  8. Fung, D.C.L, & Yip, V. (2014). The effects of the medium of instruction in certificate‐level physics on achievement and motivation to learn. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 51(10), 1219-1245.
  9. Fung, D.C.L., & Howe, C.J. (2014). Group work and the learning of critical thinking in the Hong Kong secondary liberal studies curriculum. Cambridge Journal of Education, 44(2), 245-270.
  10. Kwo, O., & Fung, D.C.L. (2014). Liberated to learn: Teacher education as transformation of relationships. Education as Change, 18(sup1), S47-S61.
  11. Fung, D.C.L. (2014). The influence of ground rules on Chinese students’ learning of critical thinking in group work: A cultural perspective. Journal of Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 22(3), 337-368
  12. Fung, D.C.L (2014). Promoting critical thinking through effective group work: A teaching intervention for Hong Kong primary school students. International Journal of Educational Research, 66, 45-62.
  13. Fung, D.C.L., & Li, J.C.L. (2013). Theory and Practice: Liberal Studies in the New Senior Secondary Education in Hong Kong (in Chinese). Journal of South China Normal University (Social Science Edition), 13(1): 78-82
  14. Fung, D.C.L., & Howe, C.J. (2012). Liberal Studies in Hong Kong: A new perspective on critical thinking through group work. Thinking Skills and Creativity. 7(2): 101-111
  15. Fung, D.C.L., & Yip, V.W.Y. (2010) The Policies of Reintroducing Liberal Studies into Hong Kong Secondary Schools. Educational Research for Policies and Practice. 9:17-40.
Professional Community Services
  1. HKEAA: HKDSE Integrated Science Committee, 2012-present
  2. HKEAA: HKDSE Physics Committee, 2012-present
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