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Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Programme Overview and Aims

MA(TESOL) is a full time programme, extending over one academic year, including a summer semester.



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Schools, universities, and other educational institutions in Asia are in need of skilled professional English language teachers with Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) qualifications.

The programme is jointly offered by the Division of English Language Education in the Faculty of Education and the Centre for Applied English Studies in the Faculty of Arts, and has a strong team of highly experienced teachers and researchers from the discipline.

Who can apply?

  • English teachers in schools and other English education professionals with a strong interest or experience in TESOL
  • Fresh graduates/graduating students majoring in English language or a relevant field such as linguistics, English literature or English language education


The Major Aims

The MA(TESOL) curriculum aims to develop candidates’

  • understanding of key concepts, theories and research related to TESOL;
  • knowledge of a wide range of perspectives on the theory, policy and practice of TESOL;
  • capacity to analyse, synthesise and evaluate primary and secondary sources of research in TESOL and applied linguistics;
  • ability to investigate a specific field of study in depth and carry out an independent research project.
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