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Bachelor of Science in Information Management

Programme Overview and Aims


The Faculty of Education has longstanding experience in educating professionals and is a leader in the provision of education in the field of information and technology studies.  We offer a full-time Bachelor of Science in Information Management (BSC(IM)) programme, which is a UGC-funded programme.  The programme is professionally accredited by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), UK. . This programme, which builds on the strength and expertise in the information management area in the Faculty, targets the fastest growing sector of the modern economy, namely the information sector.   There are many industry experts participate in our programme as advisors, co-lecturers, and guest speakers.  Influential organizations in Hong Kong are hosts for our internship programme.  Students interested in further studies after graduation may be able to continue in the Faculty's Master of Science in Library and Information Management (MSc[LIM]) programme or Master of Science in Information Technology in Education (MSc[ITE]) programme.



Programme Features

The programme is full-time with a flexible structure, allowing students to explore a range of topics in information management, such as information resources and services, information organization and retrieval, digital library, information and communication technology, knowledge management, sociology of information, and information policy and ethics.

Innovative teaching methods help students enhance career possibilities by building knowledge of the latest developments in information-related industries. A web-based course system enables students to access course materials, announcements and resources. Electronic activities that capitalize on the latest technology are used to enrich the learning experience, knowledge sharing and community building among students. Summer internship, exchange studies and projects are provided to broaden students' view and enable knowledge application in real world situations.


Summer Internship

Students will also engage in a summer internship in an overseas or a local organization for up to 3 months.     Our industry partners include National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan), the Hospital Authority, Latham and Watkins, Pearson, Ralph Lauren and Deacons. 


Exchange Studies

To foster an international understanding for students, the programme encourages students to study overseas in well-established universities for academic exchange.



Students are assessed in a variety of ways, including learning portfolios, research papers, group projects, practical exercises, and presentations.


Final Year Project (FYP)

Students would have chances to do a Final Year Project (FYP).  Some FYPs have been presented at international and local conferences such as the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations in Singapore, International Association of Music Libraries in Sydney, ED-MEDIA, World Conference on Educational Multimedia in Vancouver, International Association of School Librarianship Annual Conference in Taipei, IT in Education Symposium in Hong Kong.


Below are some outstanding FYPs and sharing of the graduates:

Primary Students Interaction Platform by Lai Kam Fung, Isaiah and Luk Hing Lun, Theo

Isaiah Lai: The programme has given me diversified knowledge in the field of Information Management (IM). I not only acquired the skills in designing systems and organizing data, but I was also able to envision how IM can bring changes to different industries, allowing me to develop innovative ideas in my career.


Understanding how multimedia tools facilitate visitors in The Museum Exhibition - use of exhibition "300 Years of Hakka Kung-Fu - Digital Vision of its Legacy and Future" as an example by Chan Hok  Yin, Holly and Tang Wing Man, Angel

Angel Tang: It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me to complete a final year project on Museum Studies. Not only has the project broadened my horizons, it also offered me precious opportunities to put theory into practice for which I gained abundant research experience and interpersonal skills by working with people from different foci.


The correlation between information provision and demographic of users in job seeking method by Ho Yin Lam, Stella and Woo Chit Yin, Justin

Stella Ho: I would recommend the BSc(IM) programme as it helped me to prepare for my future career. The course offered me various learning channels including lectures, site visits, internship, and learning groups. Profound knowledge and invaluable experience can therefore be gained. Also, good connections with professors and classmates could be developed.

Justin Woo: It was an incredible experience for me to study in the BSc(IM) programme.  The course design assisted us to equip ourselves for future challenges. We not only focussed on gaining knowledge, but also on applying what we had learned in an internship. It helped us enter the workplace easily when we graduated.


Using social networking sites (SNSs) for learning: Perceptions of students and academic staff in the University of Hong Kong by Chu Ka Yee, Jenny and Kwok Chung Yan, Hayley

Jenny Chu: As a student who always uses social netwoking sites (SNSs) in daily life, it was valuable to understand students’ and lecturers’ opinions regarding the use of SNSs in learning.  I benefited from this project a lot, particular in the designing process of the research methodology.


HKU students' awareness of mobile marketing and privacy protection by Chan Yuk Ying, Manda and Law Shuk Yi, Zoe

Zoe Law: In this final year project, both my analytical and communication skills have been enhanced. Regarding our teamwork, our divergences created tensions among us, but we eventually overcame these obstacles through effective communication. For the research project, there were a lot of dilemmas but we finally addressed them appropriately.

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