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  • Oct 28 2016 >

    Dr Gary Wong received an award for an Outstanding Journal Article Published in the International Review of Education Technology Research and Development MoreClose

    Dr Gary Wong received an Outstanding Journal Article award for an article published in the International Review of Education Technology Research and Development (ETR&D) this year. The article “The Behavioral Intentions of Hong Kong Primary Teachers in Adopting Educational Technology” was published in volume 64 of the journal early this year. For details of the article, please see http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11423-016-9426-9.

    The award was created by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) and is given in recognition of a researcher’s achievement where their fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on the field of educational communications and technology in an international setting and who are expected to continue to produce cutting-edge achievements in the future. The committee was impressed with Dr Wong’s contribution and effort in working with in-service teachers in Hong Kong.

    Dr Wong received the award at the International Division Award Dinner of the 2016 AECT International Convention on October 19, 2016 at the Westgate Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, at a gathering of about 200 academics.

    Congratulations to Dr Wong!


    For details, please visit the following websites:

    About ETR&D: http://link.springer.com/journal/11423

    About AECT: http://aect.site-ym.com/

    About 2016 AECT International Convention: http://www.aect.org/events/Las%20Vegas/

  • Sep 30 2016 >

    Professor Lena Wong is elected President of the International Society of Audiology MoreClose

    We are pleased to announce that Professor Lena Wong has been elected President of the International Society of Audiology (ISA).

    ISA was established to facilitate protection and rehabilitation of human hearing, inclusive of the effects of pharmacological and surgical measures, but exclusive of matters relating to the techniques of these measures.  It serves as an advocate for the profession and for the hearing impaired throughout the world. 

    Professor Wong will begin her two-year term as President in 2018, but will serve as President-Elect immediately and then as Past President after her presidential term. The total commitment is for six years.

    This is a great honour for Professor Wong and we congratulate her on her achievement.

    For more information of the ISA, please visit http://www.isa-audiology.org/.

  • Sep 26 2016 >

    Faculty Outstanding Teaching Awards 2015-16 MoreClose

    We are delighted to announce the recipients of the Faculty Outstanding Teaching Awards for 2015-16.  

    Alongside the established Individual Award and the Team Award, the Faculty Early Career Teaching Award has been introduced this year.  The Selection Panel was deeply impressed with the awardees’ dedication to teaching and their tremendous efforts to enhance students’ learning.  Because of the exceptional achievements of four candidates for the Faculty Early Career Teaching Award, the Panel decided unanimously to honour all of them.


    Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award (Individual)

    Professor David Carless (Division of English Language Education)


    Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award (Team)

    Dr Margaret Lo (Team Leader), Ms Candace Mok and Dr Cheri Chan on an Experiential Learning elective course “Mentoring for Social Justice and Inclusion”


    Faculty Early Career Teaching Award

    Dr Elizabeth Barrett (Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences)

    Dr Thomas Chiu (Division of Information and Technology Studies)

    Dr Diana Lee (Division of Learning, Development and Diversity)

    Dr Tan Cheng Yong (Division of Learning, Development and Diversity)


    The Faculty places the greatest importance on the quality of teaching and learning, and all of this year's award recipients deserve our heartiest congratulations for consistently fulfilling the Faculty's target of excellence. 

  • Aug 1 2016 >

    Award of the Hans Freudenthal Medal (the Award) to Professor Frederick Leung and the Reception in honour of the Award MoreClose

    Professor Frederick Leung has been awarded the Hans Freudenthal Medal - 2013 and the conferment of the Award was held on July 25th, 2016, during the Opening Ceremony of the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13) at the Congress Center, Hamburg, Germany.  ICME is the largest conference globally on mathematics education and takes place once every four years.

    Details about ICME-13 can be found at: http://www.icme13.org/icmi_and_german_mathematics_education.html

    The Award is one of two awards set up by the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction to recognize outstanding achievement in mathematics education research internationally. The awards given since the previous ICME are presented at the Opening Ceremony.  To learn more about the Award, please visit: http://www.mathunion.org/icmi/activities/awards/introduction/

    In honour of Professor Leung’s Award, the Chinese Consulate-General in Hamburg, Germany, Mr Sun Congbin, also hosted a reception in the evening on the same day at the Chinese Consulate in Hamburg. For details of the reception, please visit: http://hamburg.china-consulate.org/chn/zlgxx/t1384972.htm or http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/web/zwbd_673032/jghd_673046/t1384973.shtml (Chinese version only)

    Congratulations to Professor Leung!

    The group photo with Mr Sun Congbin, the Chinese Consulate-General in Hamburg, Germany and guests.

  • Jul 22 2016 >

    Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2016 MoreClose

    The project entitled "Reading Battle: Enhancing Students' Reading Interest and Ability with a Gamified, Self-paced, Interactive Children Literature e-Quiz Platform" by Dr Samuel Chu received the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2016.

    The Selection Committee unanimously agreed that the project exhibited a nice list of publications, a good engagement process and some quantitative and qualitative impacts.  The Committee was glad to see that the project provided a great opportunity to change children’s reading habit in school environments with examples provided, that did not confine themselves to the local community only, but also that in Taiwan and the United States. 

  • Jul 12 2016 >

    Success in Theme-based Research Scheme 2016/17 MoreClose

    The Research Grants Council has just announced the Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) 2016/17 (Sixth Round) Funding Results. We are glad to announce the most encouraging news that the project “Learning and Assessment of Digital Citizenship” has been successful. The project, coordinated by Professor Nancy Law, will also involve investigators from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and collaborators from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Norway. This is the first award of Theme-based Research funding to our Faculty, and also the first time that the scheme has funded a project directly related to Education.

    The project is under the theme of “Advancing Emerging Research and Innovations Important to Hong Kong”. The announcement can be found at http://www.ugc.edu.hk/eng/rgc/theme/results/trs6.htm.

    Congratulations to Professor Nancy Law and colleagues involved in this project, for their wonderful success!

    The list of investigators and collaborators of this project are as follows:

    Project Coordinator: 
    Professor Nancy Law, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

    Co-Principal Investigators: 
    Dr King-Wa Fu, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU
    Dr Patrick Ip, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, HKU
    Professor Nirmala Rao, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Professor Liaquat Hossain, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Professor Jimmy De La Torre, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Professor Ricky Kwok, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, HKU
    Professor Ting-Chuen Pong, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, HKUST

    Professor Edmund Lam, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, HKU
    Dr Ka Yee Elizabeth Loh, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Dr Michael Chau, Faculty of Business and Economics, HKU
    Dr Jingyan Lu, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Dr Xiao Hu, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Dr Wan Yee Winnie Tso, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, HKU
    Professor Huamin Qu, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, HKUST
    Dr Xiaojuan Ma, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, HKUST
    Dr David Pomfret, History Department, HKU
    Dr Allan Yuen, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Dr Sam Chu, Faculty of Education, HKU
    Dr Tom McDonald, Department of Sociology, HKU

    Dr Una-May O’Reily, Principal research scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Dr Vincent Lau, Director of Research, Hong Kong Advanced Science and Technology Research Institute
    Professor Terry Bossomaier, Faculty of Business, Charles Sturt University
    Professor Ola Erstad, Department of Education, University of Oslo
    Professor Harvey Goldstein, Centre for Multilevel Modelling, University of Bristol
    Professor Patrick Griffin, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne
    Professor Barbara Wasson, Department of Information Science & Media Studies, University of Bergen

  • Jul 8 2016 >

    Long Service Awards 2016 MoreClose

    The Long Service Awards Presentation Ceremony 2016 was held on Monday, June 6 this year in Loke Yew Hall, the President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Mathieson officiated . Ten Faculty colleagues were honoured at this year’s ceremony. Warmest congratulations to all.

    Colleagues who have served the University for 35 years:
    Mr Tony Tsui Sui Yuet (Laboratory Superintendent)

    Colleagues who have served the University for 25 years:
    Professor Stephen James Andrews (Dean of the Faculty of Education, Professor)
    Ms Feeling Chan Mei Ling (Clerk)
    Mr Samsom Liu Kam Shing (Senior Technician)
    Dr Ida Mok Ah Chee (Associate Professor)
    Professor Amy Tsui Bik May (Chair Professor)

    Colleagues who have served the University for 15 years:
    Miss Miranda Cheung Mei Kuen (Executive Officer)
    Miss Connie Leung Ching Yan (Project Manager)
    Mr Murphy Wong Chi Keung (Senior IT Manager)
    Dr Allan Yuen Hoi Kau (Associate Professor)

  • Jul 6 2016 >

    Achievements in General Research Fund / Early Career Scheme of Research Grants Council (2016/17 Exercise) MoreClose

    The Research Grants Council (RGC) has just announced the results for the General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) exercises for 2016/2017. Our Faculty has again performed very well with the overall success rate of 33.33% which was similar to the last few years. Congratulations to all of our staff who have been successful in this year's exercises!

    The list of successful GRF and ECS projects are below:


    Professor Edwin Yiu       
    “Enhancing the Maintenance Effect of Acupuncture for Phonotraumatic Voice Disorders using a Home-based Skin-surface Stimulation of Voice-related Acupoint (Home AcuStim) Protocol”

    Professor Gerard Postiglione     
    “Rural Students' Final Year in Elite Universities: Examining Determinants of Academic and Social Success”

    Dr Estella Ma     
    “The Effectiveness of Vocal Hygiene Education with Resonant Voice Training for Children with Voice Disorders: A Randomised Controlled Trial”

    Dr Liz Jackson    
    “Representation of Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Textbooks: Multiculturalism across Hong Kong Schools' Curriculum”

    Dr Timothy Hew              
    “Engaging Students in Online Learning: What can we learn from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?”

    Dr Frank Zhu     
    “The Neural Bases of Multi-task Training for Promoting Automaticity of Technical Skills in Surgery”

    Dr Anatoly Oleksiyenko
    “De-sovietization of Higher Education: Legacy-Innovation Tensions and Cumulative (Dis)Advantages from a Cross-Cultural Perspective”

    Dr Wu Ying Hsieh             
    “Early Childhood Teachers’ Beliefs about and Practices in Early Mathematics Teaching and Learning in the Context of Block Play: A Cross-Cultural Comparison”

    Dr Shelly Tong  
    “Discovering Hidden Regularities in Print: Chinese Dyslexic Children’s Statistical Learning of Sub-lexcial Orthographic Regularities“


    Dr Jim Chan       
    “Developing a Lingua Franca Approach for English Language Education in Hong Kong”

    Dr Hugo Horta  
    “Characterizing Researchers' Research Agenda-Setting: An International Perspective across Fields of Knowledge”

  • Jun 14 2016 >

    The research output of Dr Horta’s article achieved top rankings in Altmetrics MoreClose

    Dr Hugo Horta’s article “The Impact of Publishing During PhD Studies on Career Research Publication, Visibility, and Collaborations” has received a high-level of online attention in terms of its quality and numbers of citations as well as other parameters. The article, co-authored with Mr. João M. Santos of the IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology, and Policy Research, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal ranked no. 1 in higher education and is also in the top 5% of all research outputs ever tracked by Altmetrics.

    Altmetrics are metrics and qualitative data that are complementary to traditional, citation-based metrics. They can include peer reviews, citations in Wikipedia and in public policy documents, discussions on research blogs, mainstream media coverage, bookmarks on reference managers such as Mendeley, and mentions on social networks such as Twitter.

    The article was published online in Research in Higher Education, in July 2015. For details of the article, please view it at the publisher's site: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11162-015-9380-0

    The details of the rankings of Dr Horta’s article are available on: https://www.altmetric.com/details/4310617#score

    To learn more about Altmetrics, please visit: https://www.altmetric.com/about-altmetrics/what-are-altmetrics/

  • Jun 13 2016 >

    Faculty Research Awards MoreClose

    We are delighted to announce the results of the latest round of Faculty Research Awards.

    Among the high quality nominations, Professor Carol CHAN has been selected for the Faculty Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award, and the Faculty Outstanding Young Researcher Award goes to Dr Shelly TONG.

    Congratulations to the two awardees. Each of them will receive HK$20,000 from the Faculty to support their research, together with a certificate, at the Faculty Graduation Ceremony.

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