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  • Nov 20 2015 >

    Promotion and Tenure MoreClose

    We are delighted to bring you heart-warming news regarding the latest promotion and tenure exercise.

    Dr Sam Po LAW (Division of Speech & Hearing Sciences) has been promoted to Professor.

    Dr Andy GAO (Division of English Language Education) has been awarded tenure as Associate Professor.

    We express our warmest congratulations to Professor Law and Dr Gao!

  • Nov 18 2015 >

    Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award and Teacher Effectiveness Awards (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate) 2014-15 MoreClose

    We are delighted to announce the results of the latest round of the Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award and Teacher Effectiveness Awards (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate) 2014-15.

    Among the high quality nominations, Dr Dennis Fung of the Division of Mathematics and Science Education, Miss Nicole Tavares of the Division of English Language Education and Dr Patcy Yeung of the Division of Learning, Development and Diversity have been selected for Faculty Outstanding Teaching Awards.

    At the same time, Dr Patcy Yeung is the awardee of this year’s Teacher Effectiveness Award (Undergraduate) and Dr Dennis Fung is the awardee of this year’s Teacher Effectiveness Award (Postgraduate).

    The Teacher Effectiveness Award was set up last year to recognise colleagues in the Faculty who excel in teaching and are rated highly by students. Both awards are based solely on the attainment of consistently excellent SETL scores: the awardee in each category is the teacher who has achieved the highest average SETL teacher effectiveness scores at the relevant level over the past three years, with the requirement that he or she must have taught at least five courses at the particular level during that period. 

    The Faculty places the greatest importance on the quality of teaching and learning, and all of this year's award recipients deserve our heartiest congratulations for consistently fulfilling the Faculty's target of excellence. Congratulations to Dennis, Nicole and Patcy on their excellent work in teaching!

  • Nov 3 2015 >

    Professor Lena Wong – Recipient of a Fellowship by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) MoreClose

    Professor Lena Wong has been awarded the Fellowship of the Association by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), which is one of the highest honors that the Association bestows. 

    The award recognizes professional or scientific achievement and is given to a member who has made contributions to the discipline of communication sciences and disorders that are significant and would be so regarded within and beyond one's community or state. Professor Wong has fulfilled the criteria most competently and has distinguished herself sufficiently to warrant recognition by election as a Fellow.

    Congratulations to Professor Wong!

    For more details regarding the award, please visit http://www.asha.org/About/awards/Fellowship-of-the-Association/.

  • Oct 19 2015 >

    The Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) Funded Projects MoreClose

    We would like to share a piece of wonderful news regarding the great success in the Faculty’s bids for Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) research projects.  Nine projects are being funded by SCOLAR with a substantial amount of funding.

    We would like to offer hearty congratulations to all the colleagues involved. This is a truly worthy achievement, and recognition of the expertise in our Faculty in the area of language policy research.

    The list of successful projects is as follows:

    Prof Angel LIN
    Integrating content and language learning in English Medium of Instruction (EMI) education – Exploring “thematic patterns” as pedagogical strategies

    Dr Andy GAO
    Literacy challenges and students’ strategic language learning efforts during the primary-secondary transition

    Dr Miguel PÉREZ-MILANS
    Migration, Social Class and Language Education in Hong Kong: The Case of Mainland Cross-border and South Asian Secondary Students

    Dr Yuen Yi LO
    Informing pedagogy through exploring and reforming assessment practices in EMI education

    Dr Gary HARFITT & Dr Valerie YIP
    Second Language Classroom Talk and Subject Content Learning: Investigating the relationship between Second Language learning and content learning in EMI mathematics and science classrooms

    Dr Mairin HENNEBRY
    Understanding Interactions between Language Learning Motivation and Medium of Instruction

    Dr Elizabeth Ka Yee LOH
    Supporting the Learning and Teaching of Chinese Language for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Secondary Schools

    Dr Patcy YEUNG
    A Cognitive-linguistic Approach to Tiered Writing Intervention for Students with Diverse Learning Needs in Senior Primary Schools

    Dr Lawrence NG
    Cantonese English accent reduction and native-like accent enhancement characterisation and training for primary school students and English teachers

  • Sep 25 2015 >

    Professor Frederick Leung received the “World Outstanding Chinese Award”and has been conferred with the Kintoy Professorship in Mathematics Education MoreClose

    Professor Frederick Koon-Shing Leung was honored with the 14th World Outstanding Chinese Award by the World Chinese Business Investment Foundation and the United World Chinese Association, recognizing his prominent accomplishments and great contributions in Mathematics Education. The presentation ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 23, 2015.

    “The World Outstanding Chinese Award” aims at recognizing the contributions of outstanding Chinese persons in various professions and industries to Chinese societies around the world. Awardees not only have outstanding accomplishments in their professions and are widely recognized, but are also devoted to contributing to society.

    Recently, Professor Leung has also been conferred with the title of Kintoy Professor in Mathematics Education. At the University, Endowed Professorships are established to support distinguished professors for academic purposes. It is the most significant award bestowed upon eminent academics within the University.

    The Faculty is proud of Professor Leung's outstanding scholarly contributions and accomplishments, and is delighted that his achievements have been duly recognized by both the community and the University.

  • Jul 21 2015 >

    Professor Amy B M Tsui Conferred an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Education by the University of Edinburgh MoreClose

    Professor Amy Bik May Tsui, Chair Professor (Language and Education), Faculty of Education, was conferred an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Education by the University of Edinburgh in recognition of her pioneering curriculum innovation in higher education.

    The Doctor of Education (honoris causa) was conferred by Professor Sir Timothy O'Shea, Vice-Chancellor (Principal) of the University of Edinburgh at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on 3 July 2015. The Laureation address delivered by Professor Dai Hounsell, Professor Emeritus of Higher Education, former Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning of the University of Edinburgh, lauded Professor Tsui's inspirational academic leadership, especially in the historical four-year undergraduate education reform at HKU. The reform initiatives, especially the Common Core Curriculum and experiential learning, were highlighted as having drawn considerable world-wide interest, not least in Edinburgh and other Scottish universities. The address further commended her eminent scholarship in language and education, and her commitment in local and international education communities.

    The Faculty congratulates Professor Tsui and is proud of her achievements.


    To view the laureation address: Laureation_address.pdf


    The signing of conferment document witnessed by (left) Professor Sir Tim O’Shea, Vice-Chancellor (Principal) of University of Edinburgh and (right) Professor Dai Hounsell, Laureator, before the ceremony.


    Conferment of Honorary Doctor of Education honoris causa by Professor Sir Tim O’Shea, Vice-Chancellor (Principal) of University of Edinburgh.


    The group photo with Professor Sir Tim O’Shea, Vice-Chancellor (Principal) of University of Edinburgh, Professor Dai Hounsell, Laureator, Professor Emeritus of Higher Educaiton, former Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning, University Court members, Dean of Education, Dr Rowena Arshad, OBE and senior administrators of University of Edinburgh.

  • Jul 14 2015 >

    Study by Professor Nirmala Rao and her Team received "Best of UNICEF" Research Award for 2015 MoreClose

    Congratulations go to Professor Nirmala Rao, Serena H.C. Yang Professor in Early Childhood Development and Education, Faculty of Education, and her team, for their study "Validation, Finalization and Adoption of the East Asia-Pacific Early Child Development Scales (EAP-ECDS)." This study has won a Best of UNICEF Research Award for 2015. The Award Presentation Ceremony was held in New York on July 6, 2015.

    The annual Best of UNICEF Research (BOUR) exercise showcases and recognizes high-quality, high-impact research being done under the auspices of the organization and "aims to draw attention to a vital part of UNICEF's work which generates knowledge to inform action, shapes policy agendas and shifts discourse in order to improve the lives of children everywhere." A total of 99 submissions of research either conducted directly by UNICEF or commissioned through partners were received from all regions of the world. From these, 12 studies were identified as examples of quality research and evidence gathering on children. An eminent international external review panel selected four for special commendation. These were considered to have potential policy impact, innovative design, thoughtful use of available data, methodological rigour and potential replicability in both the country of origin and other country contexts.

    Current HKU members of this award-winning team are Diana Lee (Faculty of Education), Dr. Patrick Ip (Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, and Professor John Bacon-Shone (Social Sciences Research Centre).

  • Jul 7 2015 >

    Distinguished Lecture on "Freedom of Speech and the Asia Pacific: Does Charlie Hebdo Go Too Far?" MoreClose

    On June 26, 2015, Emeritus Professor Gillian Triggs, the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, delivered a lecture entitled “Freedom of Speech and the Asia Pacific: Does Charlie Hebdo Go Too Far?” to the HKU community and the general public in the Rayson Huang Theatre at HKU. The distinguished lecture was co-organised by the Faculty of Education, HKU; Centre for Comparative and Public Law, Faculty of Law, HKU; and E-SRT in Law, Literature and Language, HKU.

    The lecture video is now available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJyQ2jb_xl4&feature=youtu.be for your perusal.

  • Jul 7 2015 >

    Achievements in General Research Fund (GRF) / Early Career Scheme (ECS) of the Research Grants Council (RGC) (2015/16 Exercise) MoreClose

    The Research Grants Council (RGC) has just announced the results of the General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) awards for the 2015/2016 exercise. Our Faculty performed extremely well, with 16 research awards (13 GRFs and 3 ECSs). The overall success rate is 53.3%, which is the highest since records began to be kept by our Office of Research in 1998/99. Congratulations to all staff who have been successful in this year's exercise!

    List of successful GRF and ECS projects:

    General Research Fund (GRF)

    Dr Maggie Wang
    “Building Learning Facilities into a Diagnostic Decision Support System with Intelligent Agent Support”

    Dr Yuen Yi Lo
    “Impact of Genre-based Pedagogy on Students’ Academic Literacy Development in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): A Quasi-experimental Study”

    Professor Mark Bray
    “Private Supplementary Tutoring: Scale, Nature and Implications for Secondary Schooling in Shanghai”

    Dr Puisan Wong               
    “Monosyllabic Tones in Child-directed and Adult-directed Cantonese Tones”

    Professor Li-fang Zhang
    “The Third International Survey of the Academic Profession: The Hong Kong Component”

    Dr Sarah Aiston
    “Higher Education, Inclusive Leadership and Gender: The Hong Kong Academy“

    Dr Elizabeth Loh
    “The Role of Orthographic Knowledge in Chinese Character Learning amongst Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Students”

    Dr Mark Shum
    “Using Genre-based Approach to enhance Chinese Written Composition Performance by Ethnic Minority Students”

    Dr Karen Chan
    “Speech and Swallowing Functions in 3 to 5 Years Post-treatment Nasopharyngeal Cancer Survivors”

    Dr Patcy Yeung
    “Causal Relationships between Syntactic Skills and Chinese Literacy Development among Typically Developing Children and Children with Developmental Dyslexia in Hong Kong”

    Professor Shek Kam Tse
    “The Fifth Study of the Progress in Chinese and English Reading Literacy Study (in 2016) at Primary 4 in Hong Kong and Approaches to and Strategies for Enhancing the Quality of Teaching and Learning of Reading”

    Dr Wai Ming Cheung
    “Enhancing Teaching Efficacy and Creative Teaching and Learning Chinese for Hong Kong's non-Chinese students in Primary Schools”

    Professor Frederick Leung
    “The Influence of the Chinese and English Languages on Students' Processing of Mathematics Word Problems”


    Early Career Scheme (ECS)

    Dr Miguel Perez-Milans
    “Language, Mobility and Learning: Trajectories of South Asian Youth in Hong Kong”

    Dr Gaowei Chen
    “Technology-supported Teacher Learning about Effective Classroom Talk: Impact on Students’ Participation and Achievement in Mathematics”

    Dr Jingyan Lu
    “How and Why Youngsters Create and Share in the Connected World: A Mixed Methods Study of Social Media Use in and outside of School”

  • Jul 6 2015 >

    Education Seminar Series (12) on “Walking through IT Pathway with Kids” MoreClose

    The Faculty of Education held the 12th of the “Education Seminar” Series entitled Walking through IT Pathway with Kids on June 27, 2015 at the Rayson Huang Theatre, HKU.

    The Powerpoints, videos and photos of the Seminar have been uploaded onto our website at http://web.edu.hku.hk/event/parent-seminars for your perusal.

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