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  • Sep 15 2017 >

    Faculty Outstanding Teaching Awards 2016-17 MoreClose

    We are delighted to announce the recipients of the Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award for 2016-17.  The Selection Panel was deeply impressed with the awardees’ dedication to their teaching, their innovative and tireless efforts to engage with students, and the impact that they have made on students’ learning.  Because of the exceptional achievements of two candidates for the Faculty Early Career Teaching Award, the Panel decided unanimously to honour both of them. 


    Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award (Individual)

    Ms Tanya Kempston (Division of English Language Education)

    The Selection Panel felt that Tanya was someone who has excelled in her teaching across many programmes over a number of years.  Her work this year in initiating and teaching a new Common Core course in drama is outstanding as reflected in the student feedback.  The Panel appreciated the way Tanya has buddied with different colleagues to obtain and give feedback and has pioneered several innovations in her teaching including voice-recorded feedback. Her work in the community, particularly at the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) was also noted.


    Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award (Team)

    Professor David Carless (Team Leader), Dr Elizabeth Barrett, Dr Kennedy Chan, Dr Margaret Lo and Dr Jessica To on a project “Exploring the Use of Exemplars”

    The team led by Professor David Carless and including Dr Elizabeth Barrett, Dr Kennedy Chan, Dr Margaret Lo and Dr Jessica To was congratulated for the positive impact it has made on disseminating good teaching practice and through impressive scholarship.  This was a very strong example of cross-divisional collaboration and team work in the area of teaching innovation.


    Faculty Early Career Teaching Award

    Dr Kennedy Chan (Division of Mathematics and Science Education)

    The Selection Panel felt that Kennedy demonstrated a deep knowledge of teaching and of his own development as an educator across multiple programmes.  He was praised for the way he has built strong links between his teaching interests and his research which is being recognised globally.  He is well regarded by his peers and by his many students.  


    Mrs Kit Chan (Division of Learning, Development and Diversity)

    Kit's outstanding work in her classroom at HKU is matched by the outreach she has demonstrated in the local community and in China.  Kit showed her ability to provide ongoing mentorship as her students transition into the workplace and the Panel recognised this as a sign of her professional commitment and dedication.  It is evident from students' feedback that Kit has given them the confidence, courage and knowledge to innovate in the crucial area of special educational needs (SEN).  Kit has also inspired so many colleagues and she is always open to new ideas, no matter how much additional work they might bring her.


    Many congratulations to all the awardees for their outstanding achievements.  

  • Sep 11 2017 >

    Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2017 MoreClose

    Dr Patcy Yeung (Division of Learning, Development and Diversity) and team members – Miss Po Yin Tsang and Miss Yan Lee Chan (Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education); and Miss Peggie Chan (Division of Learning, Development and Diversity) won the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award 2017.

    The winning project entitled “Supporting Struggling Writers: From Theory to Practice” aims to develop evidence-based support for students (with and without diverse learning needs) in learning to write in Chinese. Based on a series of basic research examining the cognitive-linguistic skills and affective-motivational factors contributing to Chinese writing development among typically developing children and children with developmental dyslexia, the project has been developing a Chinese writing curriculum for supporting students with writing difficulties in upper primary schools within a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework.

    Our hearty congratulations to the colleagues concerned on their achievements in KE.

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