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  • Jul 21 2017 >

    Faculty Research Awards MoreClose

    We are delighted to announce the results of the latest round of Faculty Research Awards.

    Among the high quality nominations, Professor Li-fang Zhang has been selected for the Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award, and the Faculty Outstanding Young Researcher Awards go to Dr Dennis Fung and Dr Yuen Yi Lo.

    Congratulations to the three awardees. Each of them will receive HK$20,000 from the Faculty to support their research, together with a certificate, at the Faculty Graduation Ceremony.

  • Jul 7 2017 >

    Achievements in General Research Fund, Early Career Scheme and Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (2017/2018) MoreClose

    The Research Grants Council (RGC) has announced the results for the General Research Fund (GRF), Early Career Scheme (ECS) and Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS) exercises for 2017/2018. Congratulations to all of our staff who have been successful in this year's exercises!

    The list of successful GRF, ECS and HSSPFS projects are listed below:


    Dr Kennedy Chan            
    “Use of a video-based approach to enhance dynamic pedagogical content knowledge development in pre-service science teachers”

    Dr Margaret Lo 
    “Interrogating student-teachers’ development of social justice pedagogies through youth mentoring as service-learning”



    Professor David Carless
    “Theorizing feedback processes in higher education”

    Dr Yongyan Li    
    “Linking the academic and professional worlds: Written assignments and feedback in a Master’s-level postgraduate professional development programme“

    Professor Nirmala Rao  
    “Early childhood development, preschool quality, school readiness and early achievement:  A longitudinal study in China”

    Dr Carol To         
    “Using differential response-to-treatment to inform diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech – evidence from Chinese“

    Professor Rui Yang         
    “(Re)Conceptualizing Chinese education: China’s educational traditions and their modern transformation”

    Dr Xiao Zhang   
    “Why is subtracting different from adding? Examining the role of mental rotation in performance and strategy use”



    Professor Nirmala Rao
    “Assessing early childhood development and learning: The first step to building human capital in one belt one road countries” 

  • Jul 3 2017 >

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region awards the Bronze Bauhinia Star to Professor Frederick Leung MoreClose

    Professor Frederick Leung has been awarded the Bronze Bauhenia Star in the  2017 Honours List gazetted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government on June 30th, 2017.  The award recognises his scholarship and long-time contributions to and achievements in Mathematics Education which have already been well recognised locally and internationally.

    The 2017 Honours List is the 20th full Honours List since Hong Kong's return to China. Honours are awarded in recognition of significant contributions to Hong Kong or for dedicated public and community service. Recipients are from all walks of life. Awards are usually presented by the Chief Executive, sometimes by a respected representative of the National Government. The presentation ceremony for these awards will be held later this year. 

    Our heartiest congratulations to Professor Leung for this prestigious recognition!


  • Jul 3 2017 >

    Promotion and Tenure MoreClose

    We are delighted to bring you a piece of news regarding the latest promotion and tenure exercise.

    Dr Liz Jackson, Dr Shelley Tong, and Dr Dennis Fung have been promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure.

    These promotions are richly deserved. Please express your warmest congratulations to our colleagues!


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