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  • May 5 2017 >

    澳門力報 - 謝錫金教授獲邀出席澳門「齊來參與閱讀活動,提升孩子閱讀素養」家長講座

  • May 3 2017 >

    蘋果日報 - 程介明教授有關TSA的意見被引用 MoreClose

  • Apr 21 2017 >
  • Apr 21 2017 >

    明報 - 謝錫金教授指本港教育首要改善教師質素 MoreClose

  • Apr 17 2017 >

    濠江日報 - 朱志華博士獲邀擔任「澳門高校圖書館聯盟專業講座系列」講者

  • Apr 16 2017 >

    大公報 - 朱志華博士獲邀擔任「澳門高校圖書館聯盟專業講座系列」講者

  • Apr 7 2017 >

    Ladies’ Narrative, Georgian - Dr Nutsa Kobakhidze talks about her Gail Kelly Award and her study/working life in the US and Hong Kong as a Georgian professional woman MoreClose

    On April 7, 2017, Dr Nutsa Kobakhidze, a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Education, was invited to appear on a popular TV show “Ladies Narrative” on TV Pirveli, a Georgian TV channel. The interview was broadcasted live from HKU’s Centennial campus to Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, in Eastern Europe, The interview was related to Dr Kobakhidze’s recent Gail P Kelly Award 2016/2017 for her outstanding doctoral dissertation, received from the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), USA.  The title of the thesis is “Teachers as tutors: shadow education market dynamics in Georgia” and was completed in 2016 under the supervision of Professor Mark Bray and Dr Ora Kwo in the Faculty of Education. The TV host asked Dr Kobakhidze questions related to her previous studies in Georgia, in the USA and in Hong Kong, as well as her working experience as a teacher, lecturer and an employee in the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Dr Kobakhidze also talked about her involvement in two HKU funded projects, a past one in Cambodia and a current one in Myanmar.

    The interview in the Georgian language is available online at:

  • Apr 4 2017 >

    南洋商报 - 程介明教授獲邀擔任「2017年馬來西亞華文獨中教育學術研討會暨教享悅教學成果發表會」主講人

  • Apr 3 2017 >

    頭條日報 - 陳如茵博士將於「二○一七響應世界閱讀日 - 悅愛閱讀•愈讀愈愛」活動中分享閱讀樂趣 MoreClose

  • Apr 3 2017 >

    星島日報 - David Carless教授獲傑出教學獎並登上大學榮譽榜 MoreClose

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