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Dr YIP, Valerie W.Y.

Personal Particulars

Dr YIP, Valerie W.Y.


B.Sc. (CUHK), PCEd (HKU), M.Ed. (HKU), P.C.Adv.Ed.Stud. (HKU), PhD (Cantab)

Assistant Professor

Division of Mathematics and Science Education

Tel: (852) 2241 5461

Location: Room 314, Runme Shaw Building

Areas of Expertise:

Science Teacher Education, Liberal Studies Teacher Education, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Assessment in Education, Science Academic Language

Areas of Expertise

Teaching Areas:
Biology and science teacher education, Liberal Studies teacher education, use of videos for teacher education, assessment in education, nature of science, medium of instruction in science education

Research interests:
pedagogical content knowledge and classroom teaching; teacher professional development and use of videos; science academic language; teaching and learning of ideas about nature of science;  assessment in education

  1. Principal investigator, Bridging the theory-practice gap by enhancing student teachers’ knowledge of formative assessment and pedagogical content knowledge using authentic classroom video,  Teaching Development Grant, The University of Hong Kong,  $262,896, from Jan 2014 - Jun 2015.
  2. Co-investigator, Discursive construction of critical thinking in Hong Kong Senior Secondary Curriculum: Language differences and cross-curricular support. General Research Fund, HK$280,000, from Nov 2013 – Oct 2015.
  3. Co-investigator, Promoting Assessment for Learning in Junior Secondary Science through Identifying Students' Learning Difficulties from Secondary Analysis of TIMSS and Refining Classroom Learning and Teaching Practices,Commissioned by Education Bureau, Hong Kong Government SAR, HK$1,416,700, from Nov 2012 - Feb 2015.
  4. Co-investigator, Developing collaborative culture for professional learning, Teaching Development Grant, The University of Hong Kong, $98,960, from Jun 2012 - May 2013.
  5. Co-investigator, Promoting assessment for learning in Junior Secondary Science through secondary analysis of the Hong Kong data of the TIMSS 2007 on science component. Commissioned by Education Bureau, Hong Kong Government SAR, HK$499,000, from Dec 2010 – Dec 2011.
  6. Co-investigator, Preparing teachers for teaching ideas about science in the New Senior Science Curriculum – A dual approach. Quality Education Fund, HK$ 1,933,900 from Sept 2008 – Aug 2010.


Journal articles and book chapters
  1. Wong, S.L., Cheng, M.W.M., & Yip, V.W.Y. (2013) Dilemmas Faced in the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Crisis: Making Decisions Based on Findings from the Moving Frontiers of Scientific Research. In D., Treagust & C.Y., Tsui (eds.) Multiple Representations in Biological Education. Springer.
  2. Yip, V.W.Y., & Fung, D.C.L. (2012). Parental Involvement in Children’s Reading: A Cultural Perspective. In D.C.L. Fung & V.W.Y. Yip (eds.) Evidence-based Education. Nova Science Publishers.
  3. Fung, D.C.L., & Yip, V.W.Y. (2012).Critical Analysis of the Policies of School-based Management in Hong Kong. In D.C.L. Fung & V.W.Y. Yip (eds.) Evidence-based Education. Nova Science Publishers.
  4. Fung, D.C.L., & Yip, V.W.Y. (2010). Science for All: Embracing Science Modules for Non-Science Students in Liberal Studies. In R.V. Nata (ed.) Progress in Education Volume 22. NOVA Science Publishers.
  5. Fung, D.C.L., & Yip, V.W.Y. (2010) The Policies of Reintroducing Liberal Studies into Hong Kong Secondary Schools. Educational Research for Policies and Practice. 9:17-40. (an externally refereed journal)


Other publication
  1. Yung, B.H.W., Wong, S.L., Cheng, M.W., Yip, V.W.Y., Wong, K.L., Ho, K.M., Tsui, S.M., Day, J.R., Hodson, D. (2010)Preparing Teachers for Teaching Ideas about Science in the New Senior Secondary Curriculum: A Dual Approach. Hong Kong: Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong. (This is a set of 6 DVDs with videos of exemplary teaching in authentic classroom situations arranged in 7 themes: introducing students to Ideas about Science (IabS), (2) probing and making use of students’ prior ideas in teaching IabS, (3) developing students’ understanding of IabS, (4) consolidating students’ understanding of IabS, (5) assessing students’ understanding of IabS, (6) teaching IabS beyond the knowledge domain, and (7) critical incidents on teaching of IabS.) 
Professional Community Services
  1. Biology subject committee, The Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education, from September 2013 onwards (Honorary Advisor)
  2. Developing students' science process skills: Bridging the gap between junior science curriculum and the New Senior Secondary curriculum with assessment for learning strategies, The Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education and Quality Education Fund (2011/0269), from March 2013 for 24 months (Consultant)
  3. HKDSE Biology and Combined Science (Biology) Subject Committee, HKEAA, 2012-2014 (Member)
  4. Hong Kong Bio Olympiad 2013 & 2014, The Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education (Honorary Advisor)
  5. School-based Language Across Curriculum Development 2012-2014 (between Integrated Science, Geography and English) in Munsang College (School Consultant)
  6. Professional Development Programme for Teachers Using English as the Medium of Instruction for Science and Mathematics in PHC Wing Kwong College (School Consultant)
  7. Local organizing committee of the  East-Asian Association of Science Education (EASE) International Conference  July 2013. (Committee Member)
  8. Reviewer, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, from 2013 onwards.
  9. Developing curriculum leadership with holistic curriculum planning in science Key Learning Area under the NSS context. The Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education and Pentecostal School, from October 2011 for 12 months (School consultant)
  10. Tutorial Programme for Underprivileged Primary School Students in Hong Kong. HKU Service 100 Fund, Centre of Development and Resources for Students of HK$ 11,000, from November 2011 for 12 months (Co- project Coordinator)
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