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Dr CHAN, Cheri

Personal Particulars

Dr CHAN, Cheri

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong (2011)
M.Ed. (English Language Teaching/TESOL) University of Manchester (UK) (2005)
P.G.C.E. (English /Sociology) University of Keele (UK) (1999)
B.Sc. (Hons), City, University of London (UK) (1991)

Assistant Professor

Professional Development Coordinator, School-University Partnership

Teacher Education and Learning Leadership

Tel: (852) 3917 4557

Location: Room 659, Meng Wah Complex

Areas of Expertise:

English Language Education; Teacher Education Research

Areas of Expertise
Professional Background

Fields: English Language Pedagogy (TEFL, TESOL, ESL) & Teacher Education Research (Mentoring, Collaboration in Education, Language Teacher Identities).

Cheri is a teacher educator in the Faculty of Education (Division of English Language Education), University of Hong Kong. She currently teaches a wide range of courses for the Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Cheri began her career as an English language teacher and taught students across all levels at different schools before she joined HKU in 2006 as a lecturer. In 2015 she became Assistant Professor. As a teacher educator, Cheri has supported many teachers in the community through different school-university partnership projects. Cheri is interested in teacher education research. In particular, her studies draw on critical social theories to understand the complexities of how language teachers learn together as professionals. Her areas of research include teacher mentoring, collaboration in education and language teacher identities. Cheri is currently the principal investigator in a funded research project examining the opportunities and complexities of e-mentoring as professional development for in-service and pre-service teachers.


Current Teaching areas

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses:

  • P.G.D.E. English Language Education, Major Methods (Primary and Secondary Education).
    Second language teaching theories and methodology; teaching oracy and literacy skills; critical literacy and critical pedagogy; teaching grammar and vocabulary; assessing second language learners; material evaluation; conducting classroom-based research; adopting reflective teaching practices; English language teacher development practices; teacher mentoring and professional development practices.
  • BABEd (Primary) Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools (Oracy).
    Teaching speaking and listening skills to young language learners.

Courses for Doctoral Students:

  • EDUR 8023: Socio-cultural Perspectives on Language Learning (Critical and Social Research in Education)
  • EDUR 6010: Qualitative Research Methodology I
  • EDUR 6011: Qualitative Research Methodology II


Current Research Interests
  • Teacher Education Research:
    - Teacher Mentoring & e-Mentoring
    - School University Partnership
    - Collaboration in Teacher Education
    - Language Teacher Identities, Beliefs and Practices
    - Critical Discourse Analysis
  • PhD Thesis - Tensions and Complexities in School-University Collaboration: a Hong Kong Case Study. Supervisors: Prof Chris Davison and Prof Matthew Clarke.
  • Faculty Teacher Effectiveness Award (for Postgraduate Studies), Individual awardee for 2015-16, University of Hong Kong.
  • Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award (Team), 2014-2015.
  • University of Hong Kong Outstanding Teaching Award, Individual awardee for 2014.
  • Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award, Individual awardee for 2012-13 , University of Hong Kong.
  • Recipient, Margery Cruikshank Prize for Most Outstanding PGCE Student, University of Keele, UK, 1999.
Research Projects as Principal Investigator
  • Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research. Project title: Online mentoring as praxis for second language teacher education: Learning to teach and mentoring to learn (June 2016 - Dec 2018).
  • Faculty Research Fund Project: Project title: Integration of theory and practice through collaborative teaching in a teacher education program (Dec 2016 - Feb 2018) (Co-investigators: Professor Amy Tsui and Suzi Nicholson).
  • Contextualising Inclusive Education in English Language Teaching: Building a resource package for teacher educators to enhance student-teachers’ awareness and provision of inclusive education in ESL classrooms (Co-investigator: Margaret Lo).
Research Project as Co-investigator
  • Teaching English for social justice and inclusion in high-poverty schools: Participatory research at the nexus of teacher education, schools and communities (GRF, 2019 - 2020, PI: Dr Margaret Lo).
  • L2 Classroom Talk and Subject Content Learning: Investigating the Relationship between L2 Learning and Content Learning in EMI Mathematics and Science Classrooms (SCOLAR Language Fund) 2016 - 2018.
  • Knowledge Exchange Project, School-University Partnership (2014 - 2015).
  • 2006 - 2008 Project member of QEF Project: ‘Aligning Assessment with Curriculum Reform in Junior Secondary English’ (PI: Prof Chris Davison & Prof Liz Hamp-Lyons).
  • 2007 Co-investigator of Faculty Research Fund Project: ‘Building a Learning Profession: An Initiative for Fostering a Learning Force’ (PI: Dr Ora Kwo).
Book Publication
Book Chapters
  • Chan, C (2019, accepted & in preparation) One Country, Two Systems: Learning to Teach in a Borderland School in Hong Kong (To be published in ‘Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Teaching,’ for inclusion in the ‘Advances in Research on Teaching Series: Narrative Strand’ published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Editors: Elaine Chan & Vicki Ross).
  • Chan, C and Davison, C (2019, in print) Learning from each other: School-university collaborative action research as praxis in Toward a Reconceptualization of L2 Classroom Assessment: Praxis and Researcher-Teacher Partnership Poehner, M.E. & Inbar-Lourie, O (Eds) (Chapter 7, PP 125-145). Springer.
  • S. M. Bridges, S. Andrews, A. B.M. Tsui, C. K.K Chan, D. Wang, T. Y.L. Kwan, J.W.I. Lam, G.J. Harfitt, C. Chan, W.W. Law, M.M.W. Cheng, P.S. Yeung, W. M. Cheung & R. K.Y. Wang (2018). Designing for Integration in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) curricula: The Hong Kong Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Springer Book Series: Teacher Education, Learning Innovation and Accountability. Editor: C. Wyatt-Smith.
  • Harfitt, G & Chan, C (2017) Constructivist learning theories in teacher education programmes: a pedagogical perspective in Clandinin, D. J. and Husu, J (Eds) Handbook of Research on Teacher Education. Sage Publishing.
Journal Publications
  • Chan, C (2019, in preparation) Virtual Mentoring in the Practicum: Teachers Learning Together in the Third Space (paper presented at AERA 2019).
  • Chan, C (2019, accepted) I Know How It Feels: Virtual Mentors Mediating Learning for Prospective Teachers in the Practicum. Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning Journal.
  • Chan, C (2019) Crossing institutional borders: Exploring pre-service teacher education partnerships through the lens of border theory. Teaching and Teacher Education Journal. Vol 86. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tate.2019.102893.
  • Yuen, M., Chan,S., Chan, C., Fung, D.C.L., Cheung, W.M., Kwan, T. & Leung, F. K.S. (2018). Differentiation in key learning areas for gifted students in regular classes: A project for primary school teachers in Hong Kong. Gifted Education International, 34(1), 36-46. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/0261429416649047.
  • Chan, C & Lo, M (2016) Exploring Inclusive Pedagogical Practices in Hong Kong Primary EFL Classrooms. International Journal of Inclusive Education. Vol 21 (7) p. 1-16. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/13603116.2016.1252798.
  • Chan, C (2015). Tensions and Complexities in School-University Collaboration. Asia Pacific Journal of Education. Vol 35 (1) p.111-125.
  • Hudson, P., Hudson, S., Kwan, T., Chan, C., Maclang-Vicencio, E., Ani, A-L. (2015). Making connections within the Asia-Pacific region: Case study around the Mentoring for Effective Teaching (MET) program. Paper presented at the Australian Teacher Education Association Conference, Darwin, Australia.
  • Chan, C and Clarke, M (2014). The Politics of Collaboration: Discourse, identities and power in a school-university partnership in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education. Vol 42 (3) p.291-304.
Conference Paper Presentations
  • Chan, C. (2019). Confronting Difference: Learning to Teach in a Borderland School. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference 2019, Toronto, Canada.
  • Chan, C. (2019). Virtual Mentoring in the Practicum: Teachers Learning Together in the Third Space. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference 2019, Toronto, Canada. In Mentoring Practices: What Works, For Whom and Where (Symposium session, AERA 2019, Toronto, Canada. Symposium Organiser & Chair: Cheri Chan)
  • Chan, C. (2018). Confronting Difference: Engaging Teachers to Enact Inclusion in Hong Kong Second Language Classrooms. Paper presented at The Inclusive Education Summit (TIES), 2018, Geelong.
  • Chan, C. (2018). I Know How It Feels: Virtual Mentors Mediating Learning for Prospective Teachers in the Practicum. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference 2018, New York, Mentoring SIG.
  • Chan, C. & Lo, M. (2017). Engaging second language teachers to enact critical literacy in Hong Kong schools: negotiating the tensions between theory, politics and practice. Paper presented at the World Education Research Association (WERA) Conference 2017.
  • Chan, C. (2017) Caught in the Middle: Pre-service Teachers Negotiating School-University Partnership in the Teaching Practicum, Paper presented at the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT) Conference 2017, University of Salamanca, Spain.
  • Chan, C. and Davison, C. (2016, April). Learning from each other: School-university collaborative action research as praxis. Paper presented at the 39th Annual Conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Orlando. (Book Chapter to be published by Springer in 2017)
  • Heinz, M. & Chan, C. (2015). Exploring the enactment of school-university partnership in times of education policy reform: two case studies from Ireland and Hong Kong. Paper presented at The British Educational Research Association (BERA) Conference 2015, 15-17 September, Belfast.
  • Chan, C. & Lo, M. (2015). Exploring inclusive education praxis in English language teacher education. Diversity Conference 2015, HKU.
  • Chan, C. & Lo, M. (2014). Exploring Inclusive Pedagogical Practices in Hong Kong Primary ESL Classrooms. Paper presented at Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) International Conference 2014.
  • Chan, C. & Lo, M. (2014, February). Exploring Inclusive Pedagogical Practices in Primary ESL Classrooms. Paper presented at the CAMTESOL 2014 Conference, Phnom Penh.
  • Chan, C. (2012, October). Using Authentic Texts in the Language Classroom: Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices. Paper presented at the 10th Asia TEFL International Conference, New Delhi.
  • Chan, C. (2010). Discursive Construction of Social Identities, Relations and Practices in School-University Collaboration Paper presented at 2nd International Discourses and Cultural Practices Conference. University of Technology Sydney.
  • Chan, C. (2008). Exploring the Challenges of Engaging Teachers in Action Research Paper presented at the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) 2008 Conference, National Institute of Education.
  • Kwo, O. & Chan, C. (2007). Exploring the Challenges of Engaging Teachers in Action Research Assessment for Learning: Nurturing teachers for a Learning Profession. Papers presented at the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT) Conference 2007, Totems and Taboos: Risks and Relevance in Research on Teachers and Teaching. Brock University, Canada.
Professional Community Services
Community Service
  • Reviewer for AERA 2018 (Mentoring Sig and Division K).
  • RTHK Radio interviews / podcasts:
  • Principal Investigator for EDB tendered project: Developing Primary and Secondary English Language Teachers’ Understanding of Critical Literacy Skills (2016 - 2018) EDB NET Section (with M Lo as co-investigator).
  • Project on KLA-based Differentiation for Gifted Students in Regular Class (Primary) for CAISE, HKU. 12 May 2015. Workshop Facilitator: Differentiated Lesson design and Planning (gifted learners) - English Language.
  • HKU KE Impact Project - Enhancing Knowledge Exchange: raising teachers' English language awareness in teaching different Key Learning Areas. Workshop for English Language teachers. Title: Using EMI to teach Primary and Junior Secondary Students. 2 May 2015.
  • Ignite the Dream (NGO) 2014 - 2015, Workshop for volunteers preparing to teach in rural China.
  • Pathfinders (NGO) 2014 - 2015, English Language Education Adviso.r
  • PEACE (NGO) Workshop for volunteers preparing to teach in Vietnam.
  • Tak Oi Secondary School Open Day 9 May 2015, Keynote Speaker “Preparing secondary students for the road ahead: how school educators can help pave the way ”.
  • HKU Centennial College, Guest Speaker, 29 April 2015, ‘Role of oral language in second language learning and development’ for students in the English and Applied Linguistics Department.
  • EDB, World Book Day Fest, 25 April 2015, Facilitator for Connect to Reading, Reading to Connect- Celebrating Efforts in Enhancing Home Literacy Environment.
  • True Light College, 40th Anniversary Drama Production - Shakespeare’s Enchanting Escapades, Guest of Honour, 19 April 2015.
  • EDB, Effective English Language Learning at Primary Level, Expert talk for 9 primary schools ‘Using literary texts in the second language classroom: what, why and how?
  • EDB, Networking Activity for 8 Secondary School English Panels, Facilitator.
  • La Salle College, Guest Speaker, Topic: Effective Teaching & Learning: a UT’s Perspective.
  • St Paul’s Convent School, Causeway Bay: Adjudicator for School debate 2012.
  • Keynote speaker, HKU Space Community College, Student Conference 2012. Topic: Learning English through Social Issues: Challenges of Implementing the New Senior Secondary Curriculum.
  • Facilitator for the Mentoring Workshops, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong.
  • Adjudication Panel Member of the Project of the Year Award Competition, Division of Language Studies, City University of Hong Kong.
  • Shakespeare for All, NGO, Board of Director.
Invited Speaker for Workshop Presentations at Schools
  • ECF St Too Canaan College: Choral Speaking Training Workshop for English Teachers .
  • St Simon’s Lui Ming Choi Secondary School: Teaching English through Social Issues .
  • The HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College: Collaborative Teacher Development - Peer Observation to Enhance Teaching & Learning (3 hours).
  • Invited trainer for the School-based Assessment Project Training Workshops for Secondary English Language Teachers, University of Hong Kong & HKCE.
  • Invited Trainer for Choral Verse Speaking, United Christian College (Kowloon East) & HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School .
  • St Joseph’s Secondary School, MOS: Using Literary Texts in the Language Classrooms.
  • St Francis Xavier School, Tsuen Wan: How to teach Choral Verse Speaking Creatively.
  • St Paul’s Convent School, Causeway Bay: Teaching Language through Social Issues (NSSC).
  • Carmel Bunnan Tong Secondary School, Tuen Mun: How to Exploit Non-Fiction Texts in the Language Classroom?
Professional Membership
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA), member (Mentoring SIG, Narrative Inquiry SIG and Division K).
  • International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT), member.
  • Asia-TEFL, member.
Journal Editorial Positions
  • International Journal of Inclusive Education, Editorial Board Member.
  • Innovations and Controversies: interrogating Educational Change Book series, member of the Editorial Advisory Board.
  Dissertation Supervision

Doctoral Supervision:

  • Bi Xin (Lotus) (PhD candidate, successfully obtained University Fellowship Funding). Research topic: EAP Teachers as Boundary Workers: A Narrative Inquiry of EAP teachers’ Professional Identity Formation during Career Transition in China (Start date: Sept 2016. Confirmed, Feb 2018).
  • Young Lee (Doctor of Education Candidate, FT). Research Topic: Examining the politics of language teaching in Asia. The Case of South Korea (Start date: Jan 2018. Confirmed, June 2019).
  • He Fang Yuan (Doctor of Education Candidate, FT) Research topic: examining how language teachers in Mainland China build professional learning communities in new times (Start date: Jan 2019).
  • Cao Zhouxi (PhD candidate, FT) Research topic: An investigation of the emotions and identities of NNESTs in rural Chinese primary English education (Start date: Sept 2019).
  • Bihui Chen (Doctor of Education Candidate, FT) Research topic: How ESL Teachers Resolve Problems Concerning Inquiry-based Curriculum through Collaborative Action Research in China (Start date: Sept 2019).
  • Carola Dinu (Doctor of Education Candidate, PT) Research topic: Enhancing competency in reading in English as a second language (Start date: Sept 2019).


Undergraduate Dissertations:

  • Exploring the use of picture books in upper primary classroom to foster students’ critical thinking skills.
  • Implementing Critical Pedagogy in the Hong Kong Primary Classroom: Hurdles and Horizons.
  • Exploring the effectiveness of using authentic non-print texts as a teaching resource to motivate primary students to learn English.
  • Exploring the effects of praise on motivating students to learn a second language in the primary classroom in Hong Kong.
  • How do pedagogical decisions in teaching, learning and assessment adopted by primary English teachers influence the successful implementation of inclusive education practices in classrooms?
  • Exploring the Effectiveness of Educational Websites for English Language Learning.
  • Examining the Impact of Cooperative Learning in an English Language Classroom.
  • Teaching Speaking and Listening Skills in Hong Kong Secondary Schools.
  • Interactive Assessment: Examining Hong Kong Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices.
  • The Use of YouTube Texts in the Second Language Classroom: Beliefs and Practices in Hong Kong ESL Classrooms.
  • Examining issues of implementing the New Senior Secondary Curriculum for English Language teachers.
  • An Evaluation of Continuing Professional Development Practices for Hong Kong In-Service English Language Teachers.
Contribution to Services in the Faculty

I have played an active role in the following Faculty and Division committees/events:

  • PhD Examiner.
  • Convener for PhD/EdD Oral Examinations .
  • Professional Development Coordinator, School-University Partnership. In my capacity as the Faculty Professional Development Coordinator, I organised and facilitated mentoring workshops and produced online learning resources for teacher-mentors (please see details by visiting Faculty of Education SUP website).
  • Member of the PGDE Reform Working Group and PGDE Committee .
  • Academic Advisor for BABEd students.
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