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Miss TIN, Carmela C.Y.

Personal Particulars

Miss TIN, Carmela C.Y.


BSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences, HKU), M.Ed. (Inclusive and Special Education, HKU)

Assistant Lecturer

Honorary Clinical Consultant (SKH Welfare Council)
Clinical supervisor

Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences

Tel: (852) 3917 0799

Location: Room 135, Kennedy Town Centre

Areas of Expertise:

Developmental Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties; Autism Spectrum Disorders
Clinical teaching on paediatric speech, language and communication difficulties

Areas of Expertise

Developmental speech, language and communication difficulties

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Parent and teacher education in supporting clients with special education needs 


Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2015 (Faculty of Education) for "Serving Autism" (Team award) 

  1. 匡智溝通易IOS應用程式 . Production team - project completed 2013.
  2. Developing "Theory of Mind" training kit IV - an interactional computer assisted programe for children with autism spectrum disorders. Core member, QEF - funded project (Sept 2013 -Jun 2014).
  3. Theory of Mind training kit II, III 教導自閉症兒童認識及處理情緒教材套. Core member, QEF - funded project (Sept 2006 - Aug 2012).
Professional Community Services
  1. Honorary Clinical Consultant - SKH Welfare Council
  2. International Affiliate - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 
  3. Full Member - Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists




  1. Completed PROMPT training level 1
  2. Provider of McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Programme 
  3. Completed Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention and Deep Oro-facial Release (2.3 ASHA CEUs)
  4. Trained in the use of Cervical Auscultation in management of dysphagia 
  5. Completed training on "Interpretation of Videofluroscopic Swallow Studies for Adults" (0.5 ASHA CEUs) 
  6. Completed Basic Fiberoptic Endoscopic Examination of Swallowing (FEES) training 





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