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I am glad to share with you my experience in the Faculty of Education, HKU. Talking about the special moment I have had recently, I cannot help feeling proud while seeing tourists lingering around the front door of the main library without accessing to it but I can stride into it in spite of my super tourist-like sun hat. It makes me feel like I own the library, the campus and sincerely I love it. Hundreds of thousands of books are lying there, waiting for me to flip. The most delightful and impressive thing I find is learning does not only occur in the libraries, but often it happens around the table in the corridor, on the ground inside the student union building, in the air flashing through my ears, and more importantly in the seminars and lectures given by our professors. All of our professors are excellent “actors and actresses” who perform their lessons with vivid and concrete pedagogies.


More importantly, I have met a group of smart, creative, resourceful peers who have many varied skills and ideas. I enjoy going hiking, going swimming, seeing wild pigs, appreciating the breathtaking landscape, shopping to the last penny with my friends. Joining this Faculty has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the Faculty for me is like a home from a home. This one-year programme is rather short, but it has grown and become a part of my life and helps my career down the road. Thank you for providing me a chance to be a piece of amazing puzzle of the Faculty and HKU.

Jojo Liu

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages