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The PGDE programme grants me exposures to the multiple aspects of a professional teacher's life, with opportunities such as Experiential Learning (EL) and Professional Practicum (PP), as well as fruitful lectures and discussions in various courses.

What I enjoyed the most were the well-integrated components of the PGDE programme. Prior to my School Experience (SE) in each week, I had the chance to discuss with my peers and professors about ways of thinking, teaching, as well as interacting with mathematical concepts and relevant pedagogies. The process allowed me to establish clear goals and purposes as I stepped into my practicum school in SE, giving firm directions in observing and learning from both the people and the campus itself. Relevant discussions and follow-ups within the group by the end of the week provided me with inspirations and reflective conclusions on teaching and learning Mathematics, hence honing my preparations towards the PP and my future career.

Aside from learning and practicing within school and campus environments, my EL project also attributed to exploration on the teacher’s roles and responsibilities for “learning outside of classroom”, which inspired me concerning bridging subject knowledge with students’ community context, and thus motivating them to learn.


Tommy Cheung

Postgraduate Diploma in Education