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Being an international student in the EdD programme at HKU has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It has exposed me to courses that are directly aligned to and support my research, and has enabled me to grow my knowledge and understanding in areas of study which were less familiar to me.

The Faculty of Education regularly invites internationally-renowned researchers to speak, providing opportunities for students to hear from global thought leaders, and expand their professional network.

I am provided with regular access to my exceptional supervisor who challenges, supports and inspires me to achieve excellence in all areas of my study, and I can see how this is reflected in my research.

The EdD programme has provided an environment for me to grow more deeply in my understanding, knowledge and experience from being a secondary Design and Technology school teacher with over 10 years of international experience, and to enable me to take the next step in progressing my career.

Greta Caroline BRADLEY

Doctor of Education