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HKU is definitely a cradle for dream-makers. After I completed my Bachelor of Education in Language Education in 2004 and established my career as a teacher, I returned to my alma mater to pursue my Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in 2012. This has opened up another whole new exciting world for me in terms of research, education, and scholarship.

In this fantastic EdD journey, we are connected to many academics and we can learn about various field experiences from across the world under one roof. My supervisor, Professor David Carless, has instilled invaluable analytical skills and strengthened my transferable skill sets including the techniques of researching and writing, and most importantly perseverance and stamina. With this inspiration and support, I have won two academic awards to attend top-notch conferences and meet the notable ‘giants’ in my areas of study. These two awards have reaffirmed my values and perspectives in education.

I finished my EdD in 2019, but my learning journey doesn’t end here. There are many opportunities at the Faculty for further professional development that can deepen our understanding of the world around us. I am very honoured to have achieved this. My sincere gratitude, HKU!

Dr Sammy Ming

Doctor of Education