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It feels like last month when I attended the first course in September 2018. I am still filled with joy to learn about the field of Comparative Education which is led by outstandingly intelligent professors. I would not exaggerate to say that the programme is life-changing, but it definitely surprises you with countless moments of transcendence. I remember exploring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by attending rooftop farming workshops and an educational tour on campus about plant-blindness; I remember the conversations with a leading figure in education research who Skyped with us from Georgia; I remember collaborating with my classmates from Hong Kong, Uzbekistan and the United States on an actual bill to reform language policy in New York. When stress hit me, I did not feel lonely because I could easily find help from academic-writing support or the counselling service and enrich myself in seminars with interesting topics such as global citizenship. Thanks to the Faculty, Common Core and HKU Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), I gained valuable friendships from diverse backgrounds. Luckily as the class coordinator, I interacted frequently with my beloved classmates. Together, we prepared gifts for professors. We would gather from time to time to eat, dance and sing. We have truly become a family. I feel deeply engaged in the HKU community.

Rosy You

Master of Education