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Confirmation of Candidature

EdD candidates are first registered provisionally for the degree and the registration is subject to a probationary period specified below. At the end of this probationary period, students are required to present at a confirmation seminar, submit a detailed scheme of research, and complete the required coursework. The candidature shall be confirmed or terminated on the recommendation of the Advisory/Supervisory Panel to the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee (FHDC).

For students who registered in or after September 2014:

EdD Full-time Part-time
Probationary period 18 months 24 months
Minimum period 36 months 48 months
Maximum period 60 months 72 months


For the procedure and recommendation form for confirmation of candidature, please click here


Progress Monitoring

All candidates are expected to make sufficient and steady progress in their research work at all stage of their studies. Both supervisors and candidates are required to submit regularly a "Supervision Report" and a "Candidate's Progress Report" respectively to the FHDC via the on-line reporting system at six-monthly intervals. Candidates are strongly encouraged to make use of this means of communication for reporting progress, indicating problems encountered, as well as giving comments on the programme. The FHDC shall on each reporting occasion be required to provide comments on the supervision and/or progress on the reports and the comments will be shown to the supervisor and candidate concerned. If adverse reports are received, the Chairperson may meet the Supervisor and/or the student, when necessary.

E-mail reminders are sent via an Automatic Reminder System to supervisors and students in due course for submission of the reports.

Supervision and progress reports may be reviewed before confirmation of candidature and approval for applications for leave of absence. Please do not leave any report outstanding.


Leave of Absence

A candidate who wishes to be absent from Hong Kong and/or the approved course of study and research, or who proposes to take vacation, shall be required to submit a written application for leave of absence.  There are three types of discretionary leave, namely, vacation leave, study leave and non-study leave. Any period of study leave/vacation leave granted shall be counted towards the period of study and any period of non-study leave granted shall result in the extension of the period of study by the period of absence.

Students must discuss with their supervisor and obtain his/her endorsement for any application for leave of absence well before commencement of the leave period, and should report on study progress regularly, at least on a monthly basis, to the supervisors concerned if the period of leave is more than one month. The supervision and progress reports may be reviewed before the approval of an application for leave of absence. Students holding student visas are particularly reminded to obtain formal approval for the leave of absence whenever leaving Hong Kong for study or non-study purpose, so as to avoid possible breach of immigration regulations.

Please download the Guidelines on Application for Leave of Absence and the Application Form for Leave of Absence here.


Action Plan Policy (for students registered before academic year 2010-11)

It is important to promote timely thesis completion and to ensure the Advisory Panel is able to monitor the candidate's study progress. In this regard, research students who are at the following stages of their candidature will be required to submit an action plan to their respective Advisory Panel for comments:

  1. at 6 months before the expiry of the normative period;
  2. near the end of the normative period (if the candidate would like to extend the candidature beyond the normative period); and
  3. whenever the candidate would like to further extend his/her candidature.

The action plan submitted by the student will be forwarded to the Advisory Panel concerned for comments. The Panel is required to fill out a report form for submission to the FHDC for consideration. After completion of the evaluation, a copy of the report will be sent to the candidate concerned for reference.

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