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Office of Research


The Office of Research is responsible for dealing with matters relating to research postgraduate studies and supporting research activities in the Faculty, including:

  • Support for the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee (FHDC)
  • Support for the Faculty Research Committee (FRC)
  • Support for the EdD and MPhil/PhD Students Consultation Committees
  • Assistance in organizing research postgraduate conferences and seminars
  • Coordination of faculty research seminars and conferences
  • Compilation of suitable database and report statistics concerning research inputs and outputs for staff, centres, and other academic units
  • Support for internal and external research assessment exercises
  • Promotion of the development of new research initiatives
  • Compilation and maintenance of a flow of up-to-date information to supervisors and research students concerning all the administrative processes during the candidature
  • Coordination of all applications for ethical clearance



Room 420, Meng Wah Complex, HKU


General Enquiries


(852) 3917-5728, (852) 3917-8015 - MPhil/PhD matters


(852) 3917-4852 - EdD matters


(852) 3917-8254 - Seminars/conferences


(852) 3917-5460 - Research ethics


(852) 2547-1924



Professor Rui Yang

Associate Dean (Research)

Tel             (852) 2857-8524

Email        yangrui@hku.hk

Dr Timothy Hew

Associate Dean (Research Higher Degrees)

Tel              (852) 2859-1903

Email         kfhew@hku.hk

Ms Helen Au

Senior Manager (Research and Research Higher Degrees)

Tel              (852) 3917-1900

Email         helenlya@hku.hk

Ms Sharon Lim

Programme Executive Officer (EdD)

Tel           (852) 3917-2781

Email       limsl@hku.hk

Ms Kit Chow

Programme Executive Officer (MPhil/PhD)

Tel           (852) 3917-5453

Email       kitc@hku.hk

Mr Andy Wong

Executive Officer (Research)

Tel           (852) 3917-2849

Email       wongack@hku.hk


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