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Faculty Research Ethics Committee

As stipulated in the University’s Policy on Research Integrity, "All experiments or other forms of research project, where the University has an interest, involving consent of human participants and the use of vertebrate animal subjects must obtain prior approval of the appropriate Ethics Committee."

PIs who are academic/research staff or MPhil/PhD students in the Faculty of Education should apply to the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) for ethical clearance via the Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC). Applications for ethical clearance from EdD, TPG and UG students are handled within the Faculty by the FREC.

Ethical approval must be obtained before any data collection involving human participants. Staff and students are strongly advised to submit their application for ethical approval as early as possible, at least 6 weeks before data collection or the deadline set by funding bodies for obtaining ethical approval.


Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC)

  1. Terms of Reference
  2. Membership
  3. FREC Delegates for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students
  4. Statement to UG and TPG supervisors
  5. Statement to UG and TPG students
  6. Research Ethics: Policies and Principles



  1. HREC Operational Guidelines and Procedures
  2. Flow Chart
    a. General
    b. Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Student
  3. Checklist for Teachers of Courses with a Research Assignment
  4. Application Forms:
    a. Staff, MPhil/PhD Students and EdD Students
    b. Taught Postgraduate Students (Dissertation Projects)
    c. Taught Postgraduate Students (Independent Projects)
    d. Undergraduate Students
    e. Application for Amendment of an Approved Project
  5. Checklist for Preparation of Applications for Ethical Clearance (for Use by TPG, RPG and Staff)
  6. Checklist for Preparation of Applications for Ethical Clearance (Undergraduate Dissertation Projects)
  7. Sample Consent Form for School Principal (for Use by Undergraduate Students Only)
  8. Sample Consent and Related Forms at the Website of the HREC
  9. Request Form for Exemption from Ethical Review (for Use by Staff and RPG Students only)


Frequently Asked Questions



  • Miss Joanna Lai (for Staff and MPhil/PhD Students)
    Tel (852) 3917-5460
    Email laipyj@hku.hk

  • Mr Man Kwan (for EdD and Taught Postgraduate Students)
    Tel (852) 3917-8015
    Email mankwan2@hku.hk

  • Ms Janet Ng (for Undergraduate Students)
    Tel (852) 3917-5728
    Email jwsng@hku.hk

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