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Master of Science in Audiology

Programme Overview and Aims

The Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong was one of the first in South East Asia and China to offer post-graduate training in audiology. The first students were enrolled in 1996, and the next entry will be in September 2020.


What is Audiology?

This rapidly developing specialty involves the prevention, identification and assessment of hearing disorders and the rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairment. Hearing loss can have serious consequences for social, educational and language development if not detected and treated promptly. Audiologists work in a wide variety of settings, including adult and paediatric hospitals, private hearing aid practice, industrial consulting, schools and in research.

One person in ten has some form of hearing impairment. There is a strong demand for audiologists in many nations, including those in Asia, and our graduates are employed in a wide range of audiological settings.

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The Programme

The two-year programme provides students with detailed theoretical background knowledge of human hearing and hearing loss, as well as intensive clinical practice in a variety of audiology placements. The medium of instruction is English and our students are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process. Assessment is in part progressive and by examination. With special arrangements and permission from the faculty, overseas students may be able to undertake part of their clinical training in their own countries. The programme is designed to provide students with high quality clinical skills and an appreciation of research in audiology. Students carry out a research project in the second year of the course.


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