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Dr CHIAN, Monaliza Maximo

Dr CHIAN, Monaliza Maximo

Post-doctoral Fellow

Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education


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(852) 3910 2319


Room 712, Meng Wah Complex

  • Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Higher Education
  • Qualitative Research Methods and Methodologies
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity in Education

Research Expertise

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Research Methods and Methodologies
  • Higher Education Policy and Practice


2021 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Virtual Annual Meeting Sponsorship (April 9-12)


Wallace Foundation Scholarship for International Society of the Learning Science (ISLS) Annual Meeting 2021 (June 7-11)


Solidarity Award, World Congress of Applied Linguistics (2021, August 15-21)


International Travel Award, American Educational Research Association (AERA) (April 17-21), 2020 AERA Annual Meeting San Francisco, California, USA ( canceled) 


Doctoral Scholarship, Philip and Helen Green Research Fellowship, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, University of California Santa Barbara


1998 First Teacher Award Nominee, National Sallie Mae, United States

Dialogue, feedback, and rehearsal in initial-teacher education: A focus on capstone assessment. Unfunded. Role: Co-Principal Investigator


  1. Chian, M.M., Bridges, S.M., Lee, D.P.L. (2021). Synergistic co-teaching: Surfacing the invisible flows of dramaturgy in practice in initial teacher education. In S.M. Bridges, Chan, C.K. & Chan, G. (Eds), Special Issue: "Advances in research on videos and teacher learning," Learning Culture and Social Interaction.DOI:
  2. Green, J.L., Baker, W.D., Chian, M. M., Vanderhoof, C., Kelly, G.J., Hooper, L., Skukauskaite, A., & Kalainoff, M. (2020).Studying the over-time construction of knowledge in educational settings: A microethnographic- discourse analysis approach, In. J.M. Powers, G.F. Fischman, & M. Pivovarova (Eds), Emergent Approaches for Education Research: What counts as innovative educational knowledge, and what education research counts? Review Volume 44, 2020.
  3. Chian, M. M. (2020).Tracing the development of literacy practices for integrating interdisciplinary curriculum in higher education: Interactional ethnographic study. In P. Szundy, M. L. Castanheira, & J. Green (Eds.), Thematic Issue: Research practices in literacies across languages and social domains. Trabalhos en Linguistica Aplicada Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp). Brazil.

  4. Chian, M. M., Bridges, S. M., & Lo, E. C. (2019). The triple jump in Problem-Based Learning: Unpacking principles and practices in designing assessment for curriculum alignment. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 13(2).

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Selected Conference Papers

  1. Jenkins, D.C., Chian, M.M., Matchmes, K., Cross, C., Gilmore, L., Pope, S., Green, J.L.  (2021). “Conversation of Processes: Designing Interactive Curriculum for an Online Learning Environment. 5th Annual Conference on Academic Research in Education (CARE) 2021 by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, College of Education. Virtual
  2. Chian, M.M. (2021) Designing learning opportunities to develop academic literacies in an interdisciplinary curriculum in higher education: Practices, processes, and challenges. A symposium: ReN: Literacies across languages and social domain. 19th Association International de Linguistique Applique World Congress 2021.Virtual/Hybrid.

  3. Chian, M.M. (2021)Cross-analyses of PBL tutorials in-action across three clinical education programs: A collective case study. In a structured poster presentation: "Educational Responsibilities in Problem-Based Education (PBE): Principles, Practices, and Networks Creating and Supporting PBE." Problem-Based and Project-Based Learning, Special Interest Group. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting 2021.Virtual.

  4. Chian, M.M., Bridges, S.M., Lee, D.P.L. (2021) Surfacing co-teaching discourse strategies in initial teacher education (ITE): A video-based ethnography.  A symposium: "The pursuit for responsible educators creating equitable learning opportunities: A cross-institutional conversation," Language and Social Processes (LSP), Special Interest Group. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting 2021. Virtual.

  5. Bridges, S.M., Chian, M.M., Chan, K.K.H., Chan, A.K.L., Chan, C.K.K., Lee, D.P.L, & Lee, A.M.S (2020). Dialogue, feedback and rehearsal in pre-service teacher education: An interactional ethnography. Poster Presentation. The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2020), Nashville, TN, USA, Virtual.

  6. Chian, M.M., Bridges, S.M., Botehlo, M.G. (2020) "Preparing clinicians across an integrated curriculum design: A collaborative ethnography tracing clinical learning".  Roundtable Conversation: Ethnographic Explorations of Community-Based Learning and Becoming. 2020 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, United States. (Conference canceled) 

  7. Bridges, S.M., Botehlo, M.G., & Chian, M. M. (2019). Growing into a professional: Tracing clinical reasoning across a problem-based dental curriculum in Hong Kong. Working Group Roundtable: Designing and Supporting Innovative Learning Environments Across Contexts and Disciplines: International Perspectives. 2019 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting. Toronto, Canada.

  8. Chian, M.M. (2019). Tracing the effect of virtual feedback in students' learning in an integrated curriculum in higher education. Symposium: Technologies-as partners for collaborating in constructing learning opportunities: Multisite interactional ethnographic studies. CAERDA 27th Annual International Conference. Toronto, Canada.

  9. Chian, M. M. (2018). Tracing the development of an integrated curriculum design in higher education: A reflexive analysis of a research study. Time, Temporality, & Slowness: Future Directions for Design Research Workshop. Design and Diversity: Designing Interactive System 2018, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR.

  10. Chian, M.M., Stewart, A., & Stewart, E. (2018).  Single case study of interview-conversations: Analyzing archived records to gain an emic perspective. Poster Presentation: Ethnographic & Qualitative Research Conference (EQRC) Las Vegas, USA.

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Book Chapters

  1. Verbeek, F., & Chian, M.M. (2020). Observations from the outside: Fledging researchers' perspectives. In S.M. Bridges & R. Imafuku (Eds.) Interactional research into Problem-Based Learning, (pp.391-407). Purdue University.

  2. Green, J. L., Chian, M., & Stewart, E. A. (2019). Cazden, Courtney.  In P. Atkinson, S. Delamont, A. Cernat, J.W. Sakshaug, & R.A. Williams (Eds.), SAGE Research methods foundations.

  3. Green, J., & Chian, M.M. "Triangulation." (2018). In B. Frey (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia ofeducational research, measurement, and evaluation. Vol. 4, pp 1717-1720. Sage Publishing.

Research Evaluation and Policy Reports

  1. Chian, M.M. & Hoang, A.P. (2021). Policy-in-brief: Continuing professional development policies for teachers in Hong Kong. Academy for Leadership in Teacher Education.

  2. Green, J. Chian, M.M., Stewart, E. Stewart, A.& Yun, D. (2015).Final/Research Evaluation Report: Pilot Instructional Project of The Long Term and Futures Thinking Project at California State University, East Bay, (2012-2014).

Teaching List, Current

  1. 2020 S2, EDUR6010, 2B, Qualitative Research Methods I
  2. 2020 S2, EDUR6011, 2A, Qualitative Research Methods II
  3. 2020 S1, EDUR7069, 1A, Interactional Ethnography
  4. 2019 S2, EDUR6010, 2B, Qualitative Research Methods I
  5. 2019 S2, EDUR6011, 2A, Qualitative Research Methods II
  6. 2019 S1, EDUR7069, 1A, Interactional Ethnography
  7. 2018 S1, EDUR7069, 1A, Interactional Ethnography