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Dr SOTO PINEDA, Carlos Enrique

Dr SOTO PINEDA, Carlos Enrique

Dr SOTO PINEDA, Carlos Enrique


Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education


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(852) 3917 5304


Room 660, Meng Wah Complex

Research Expertise

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Diversity, Ethnicity and Identity
  • Equity, Equality and Social Justice in Education
  • Literacies and Languages
  • Research Methods and Methodologies
  • Sociology and Philosophy of Education

Prospective PhD/ EdD/ MPhil Applications

I am available to supervise EdD students and would welcome enquiries for supervision.

Research Interests:
Critical Pedagogy, Multicultural Education, Critical Ethnography, Ethnic Minority Education in Hong Kong, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics


Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student: University of Hong Kong



Swire Scholarship: University of Hong Kong

November 2019 - November 2020

"Teaching English for social justice and inclusion in high poverty schools: Participatory research at the nexus of teacher education". Funding Institution: RGC General Research Fund. Budget: HK$296,424. Co-Investigator (PI: Dr Margaret Lo).


March 2014 - March 2016

"Ideological Shifts in the Provision of English Language Education: English and Working-Class Ethnic MInority Youngsters in Hong Kong". Funding Institution: The Univesity of Hong Kong, Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research. Budget: HK$ 112,670. Research Assistant (PI: Dr Miguel Pérez-Milans).


September 2012 - September 2013

"Hong Kong Urban Classroom Culture: Local Dilemmas and Opportunities in EMI-based Multilingual Schools". Funding Institution: Faculty Teaching Development Fund (Faculty of Education, HKU). Budget: HK$ 20,000. Co-Investigator (PI: Dr Miguel Pérez-Milans).


  1. Soto, Carlos. (2019). Critial Pedagogy in Hong Kong: Classroom Stories of Struggle and Hope. New York, London: Routledge.
  2. Pérez-Milans, Miguel., Soto, Carlos.  (under contract). Language, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Struggle: A Critical Ethnography of Activism. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.



  1. Soto, Carlos. (2020). Classroom Discourse Analysis as a Tool for Exploring Ethical Tensions in Critical Teaching. Special Issue of Classroom Discourse.
  2. Soto, Carlos., Pérez-Milans, Miguel. (2018). Language, neoliberalism, and the commodification of pedagogy. Language and Intercultural Communication, 18:5, 490-506.
  3. Pérez-Milans, Miguel., Soto, Carlos. (2016). Reflexive language and ethnic minority activism in Hong Kong: A trajectory-based analysis. AILA Review, 29, 48-82.


Book Chapters

  1. Soto, C., Pérez-Milans, M. (forthcoming). Language, pedagogy, and discourses of criticality in late capitalism. In Chun, C (Ed.), Applied Linguisics and Politics. New York, London: Bloomsbury.
  2. Soto, C. (2018). Critical pedagogy and ethnic minority students in Hong Kong: Possibilities for empowerment. Critical pedagogy and ethnic minority students in Hong Kong: Possibilities for empowerment. In Education, Ethnicity and Inequality in the Multilingual Asian Context. Singapore: Springer.
  3. Pérez-Milans, M., Soto, C. (2014). Everyday Practices, Everyday Pedagogies: A Dialogue on Critical Transformations in a Multilingual Hong Kong School. In Byrd Clark, JS & Dervin, F (Eds.), Reflexivity in Language and Intercultural Education Rethinking Multilingualism and Interculturality, p. 213-233. New York; London: Routledge.


Conference Papers

  1. Pérez-Milans, MPM., Soto, C. (2018). Language, activism, and governmentality: A (networked) meta-pragmatic approach . Sociolinguistics Symposium 22, 2018.
  2. Pérez-Milans, MPM., Soto, C. (2018). Light communities? Implications for research on diversity and activism. Inaugural Spring Meeting of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology 2018.
  3. Soto, C., Perez Milans, M. (2017). Hong Kong Minority Youth and the Building of Translocal Community Cultural Wealth. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Conference 2017.
  4. Soto, C., Pérez-Milans, MPM. (2017). Superdiversity as a discursive field: language, identity and territory in Hong Kong . AILA 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics.
  5. Soto, C. (2015). A Critical Pedagogy with Hong Kong Minority Students. International Symposium – Ethnic Minorities in Mainstream Education: An Asian Perspective.
  6. Perez Milans, M., Soto, C. (2015). Language, policy and place: community discourse of South Asian Youth. American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference, AAAL 2015.
  7. Soto, C., Perez Milans, M. (2015). Language, voice and place among South Asian youth in Hong Kong. The Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (de)standardization International Conference.


Encyclopedia Entries

  1. Soto, C. (2012). "Hong Kong and the United States, Diversity and Education in: James Banks (Ed.) "Encyclopedia of Diveristy in Education, Vol. 2 (pp. 1105-1108). Thousand Oaks, Sage Publications, Inc.


Teaching Resources

  1. Pérez-Milans, M., Soto, C., & Wang H. (2014). Hong Kong Urban Classroom Culture. Local Dilemmas and Opportunities in EMI-based Multilingual Schools. Un-published teacher training resource designed, edited and printed under the Faculty Development Fund, HKU). Available on-line at

Invited Lectures & Keynote Speeches

  1. 2017-10-01: Ethnography, Advocacy, and ActivismUniversity College London Postgraduate Training Workshop: Language, Ethnography and Activism.


Selected Knowledge Exchange Activities

  1. Consultation and English Language Teaching Workshop with primary English teachers serving students from working-class families, for the RANG Foundation (2018).
  2. Career Planning Workshop for Students of South Asian Heritage: St. Joseph's Social Center.
  3. Grant acquired: Fifteen thousand Hong Kong Dollar grant awarded by the “Make A Difference Foundation” to run Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education tutorial program for form six ethnic minority students (2016-2017.


Selected Media Appearances

  1. Pedagogical work mentioned in: “Humanity over textbooks” regarding the affective and intellectual engagement of my teaching work with secondary students. Young Post, 18 June 2015.
  2. Interviewed for: “The Nepalese community in Hong Kong looks to preserve Gurkha legacy” regarding my work to teach students history of Nepalese Gurkha soldiers in Hong Kong to secondary students. South China Morning Post, 28 March 2014.
  3. Interviewed for: “Gift Rapped: Teachers are using pop culture to help students from less privileged backgrounds learn English as a second language” regarding my use of Bollywood and South Asian popular culture in teaching ethnic minority students in Hong Kong. South China Morning Post, 3 June 2013.
  4. Interviewed and profiled: “Interview with Carlos Soto” regarding my views on educational needs of Nepali heritage youth in Hong Kong. Everest Weekly (Hong Kong Nepalese language publication), 28 August 2013.

Courses Taught - Bachelor of Education

  1. BBED1102, Becoming a teaching professional: Education in a globalized society 
  2. BBED4243, Pedagogy III: Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
  3. BBED5021, Professional Ethics in Teaching


Courses Taught - Postgraduate Diploma in Education

  1. EDUC6552, Educational Studies 
  2. EDUC6760, Educational inquiry
  3. EDUC7114, Teachers as Ethnographers


Courses Taught - Master of Education

  1. MEDD8804, Critical pedagogy: Theories, practices, and challenges 


Courses Taught - Research Postgraduate

  1. EDUR6010, Qualitative Research Methods I
  2. EDUR6011, Qualitative Research Methods II