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Mr Tse Sik Yan, alumnus of HKU and Hughes Hall of Cambridge University, is another long-standing benefactor to the Faculty. In June 2013, Mr Tse made a generous donation to set up an endowment in support of scholarships for HKU students to pursue master’s degrees in Education or Science at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, with the aim of fostering cultural and intellectual exchanges between students from HKU and Cambridge.


In a thank you speech he made on being conferred an Honorary Fellowship by HKU in 2015, Mr Tse mentioned the pride he felt and how it had grown and strengthened “as I literally witnessed the growth and evolution of the Faculty: from the Department of Education into the School of Education, and subsequently into the Faculty of Education in 1984.


“Coming back to our students today, I think this pride and gratitude cannot take shape without a close bond developing between the student and his alma mater at the same time.” Describing how he was inspired by his learned professors and dedicated teachers from the start, Mr Tse said: “Through our daily interactions with our teachers, we as students gradually learn from their words and deeds.”


Mr Tse often refers to the Tse Family Scholarships as an excellent investment in the human mind. Asked to explain why it is so important today to keep making that investment, he expressed, “offering scholarships to deserving students who are in financial hardship can not only broaden their horizons, but also greatly elevate their entire perspectives on life when they are allowed to study in a new and equally remarkable culture.


“To me, investment comes in various forms, but the investment that can produce the greatest and longest impact by far is education. One cannot estimate how much a scholarship can impact its recipient. By providing Tse Family Scholarships to budding and aspiring teachers, we are creating a perpetual ripple effect in young people’s lives.”


The Faculty would like to thank all those generous donors who have made donations over the years and to encourage more people to give. No matter how large or small your donation – we are both grateful and thankful for your support. We would also like to thank those of you who answered our appeal for donations to the latest round of the Government-matching Grant Scheme, which enables donors to maximise their gift by making every dollar count twice.


Your contributions make a huge difference in helping the Faculty achieve its goals and in creating as many learning opportunities for our students as possible. To the students who benefit from those donations, we encourage you to utilise these scholarships and explore fully the opportunities they provide.


Mr Tse Sik Yan

Mr Tse Sik Yan, alumnus of HKU, was conferred the Honorary University Fellowship in 2015