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Division of Information and Technology Studies



Our vision is to become an internationally and professionally recognized centre in Asia not only for providing outstanding programmes and teaching excellence, but also for the quality of research and knowledge exchange in Information Technology in Education (ITE) and Library and Information Management (LIM) areas.

As a leader in ITE and LIM studies, our mission is to innovate through community engagement, advancing capacities, incubating ideas and stimulating minds across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and beyond.

The division is a member of iSchools, a consortium of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field.

The division is a member of iSchools, a consortium of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field.




The Division’s staff is multi-disciplinary and highly committed to excellence in teaching. In recent years, two of the current staff members have received the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching (Dr. Felix Siu and Dr. Daniel Churchill) and one has received the University’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (Dr. Churchill). Division members have provided leadership in implementing outcome-based education in the Faculty, and have completed numerous projects to improve teaching under the University’s Teaching Development Grants scheme. Members also have made major contributions in collaborating with schools to implement new teaching strategies that involve educational technology, including the use of wikis and weblogs, mobile learning, and knowledge building.

Much of our teaching is carried out in our two master programmes: the Master of Science in Information Technology in Education (MITE) and the Master of Science in Library and Information Management (MLIM). These programmes are very successful and in high local and international demand. Each programme has specializations that enable students to focus on specific aspects of relevant fields. For MITE, students specialize in e-leadership, e-learning, and learning technology design while for MLIM, students specialize in information management, knowledge management and librarianship. We have also offered a two-year top-up undergraduate programme in information management (BSIM) for Associate Degree holders, which is in growing demand. Both BSIM and MLIM involve practicum in partner organizations.  While all the three mentioned programmes are taught-based, all students are required to complete either a dissertation or a project essentially through self-directed learning.  This offers the students, with help of their supervisors, a learning experience which requires them to define and analyse a problem, and to design, implement, and evaluate a proposed solution for the problem which they usually have little knowledge about at the beginning, resembling what most people would encounter in real life situations.

Pedagogy in these courses is innovative and student-centered, and involves collaborative learning, use of a range of technologies such as Moodle, Edmodo, tablets, and videoconferencing, and we have led the Faculty in redesigning our classrooms as flexible learning spaces to facilitate student collaboration.

Besides the above three progarmmes, we also contribute to the other programmes in the Faculty, including a popular elective on teaching with educational technology in the Postgraduate Programme in Education (PGDE), and a recently developed specialism in the Master of Education (MEd) progarmme that focuses on designing learning environments that take advantage of research on learning and the use of educational technology (the Designing Powerful Learning Environments specialism).

We are very active in the supervision of research and doctoral students in which over 30 students are currently under our supervision.




The Division’s staff is highly committed to research and student development. In recent years, some of the staff members have received various research-related awards including the Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award 2013 and the Faculty Early Career Research Output Award 2009 (Dr. Samuel Chu), the Faculty Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 2010 (Dr. Allan Yuen), and the Faculty Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2011(Dr. Jingyan Lu).

The Division of I&TS undertakes research and projects relating, but not limited to: the integration of IT in all levels of teaching and learning; the implementation of evidence-based ICT and LIM practices in schools; and the development of ICT-supported educational activities across the University.  We are creating a regionally and internationally recognized platform for the development of research, theory, and practice in ITE and LIM.

These objectives will be achieved by: pursuing practical, international and cross-cultural, and policy-related research; strengthening the Strategic Research Theme (SRT) Sciences of Learning including IT and Knowledge Management (KM); developing strategies for supporting and nurturing junior colleagues as well as Post-doctoral Fellows (PDFs); enhancing the diverse skills of Divisional members through professional development; recruiting and retaining dynamic scholars; synergizing strengths and optimizing research through collaborative projects with outstanding scholars and external private and public sector partners in strategic research areas; and ensuring practical and implementable elements in our research by engaging leading industry practitioners as members of our research team.

Our team expertise encompasses diverse research areas including, but not limited to:

  • Knowledge building
  • Digital literacies
  • Information management and systems
  • Knowledge management and intellectual capital
  • Mobile learning
  • Learning sciences
  • Technology and education
  • Technology adoption and change in education at classroom, school and system levels
  • Game-based learning
  • School and academic librarianship
  • Learning analytics


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Community Engagement

The Division of I&TS has pursued strong interconnectedness among teaching, research, and practice through active engagement with communities, practitioners and alumni in knowledge exchange (KE) activities. 

We have partnered with the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) and the communities to organize various activities in form of training workshops, seminars and research projects on a number of topics including e-learning design, computer and information literacy, teacher support network, and so on.  

Our students have contributed to the various professional groups by presenting their projects at international and local conferences such as the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations in Singapore, International Association of Music Libraries in Sydney, ED-MEDIA, World Conference on Educational Multimedia in Vancouver, International Association of School Librarianship Annual Conference in Taipei, IT in Education Symposium in Hong Kong, etc.  Besides, we organized an annual event “KE Night” in which our Advisory Board members and alumni from various professional areas and organizations (together with our students and colleagues) will meet and exchange ideas.

The Division of I&TS will continue to work closely with the Faculty and the University to identify and make use of the various outreach platforms such as social events, online networking, and social service oriented educational programmes, to increase the impact of our division in both research and teaching-related fields.

The division is a member of iSchools, a consortium of leading institutions dedicated to advancing the iSchools movement worldwide.

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