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WCCES Panel on Revisiting the Delors Report


A special feature of the 15th World Congress of Comparative Education Societies was a plenary session entitled “Revisiting the Delors Report”, chaired by Mark Bray. The Delors Report, commissioned by UNESCO and chaired by Jacques Delors, was published in 1996. It presented a far-reaching vision for education. It is available in over 30 languages, and is especially known for the “four pillars” .

The Delors Report is being revisited by a Panel of Senior Experts, to assess its continuing relevance and the need for updating. This work is being supported by UNESCO Headquarters, which has produced several Occasional Papers on the topic.

Participants in the plenary session at the World Congress were:

  • Mark Bray (Hong Kong): UNESCO Chair in Comparative Education(Chairperson)

  • Sobhi Tawil (France), Education Research and Foresight, UNESCO Headquarters

  • Ruksana Osman (South Africa), UNESCO Chair in Teacher Education for Diversity and Development

  • Ruwaida Abu Rass (Israel), UNESCO Chair Multiculturalism in Teacher Training

  • Clementina Acedo (Switzerland), Director of UNESCO-IBE

In addition, Norberto Fernandez Lamarra, the Congress organizer, framed the way that the plenary session fitted the whole Congress, and underlined its global significance.

The session was very lively, with many contributions from the floor as well as from the stage. The session was itself an input to the process of revisiting the report, and invited further contributions. The Hong Kong team looks forward to continued contribution to this process.

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