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Whole School Mentoring Support Approach

'Whole School Mentoring Support' (WSMS) is an advocated mentoring approach to school change which has the potential to enhance professional learning of different parties (teacher-mentors, student-teachers, university-tutors and school pupils) and to increase school effectiveness. It is not only a process, but also a philosophy, of professional development through mentoring. Although there are several key subject teacher-mentors taking major responsibility in mentoring our student-teachers, all teachers in the Professional Partnership School will also have a part to play and share in helping the student-teachers to gain holistic professional learning to become a new professional teacher. The outcomes of this approach involve changes towards a collaborative culture, synergistic relations with one another, and the formation of professional communities of practice.

Through the adoption of this WSMS approach which is mutually beneficial to all the different parties involved, it is hoped that the in-depth collaborations between local schools and HKU’s Faculty of Education could be actualized and strengthened. Such collaboration will lead to the formation of a professional school with quality professional development for practicing teachers and student-teachers, as well as the substantial enhancement of the success of initial teacher education.

Professional Partnership Schools are committed to the adoption of 'Whole School Mentoring Support' approach

  • for an initial collaborative duration of three years
  • to offer about 6 – 8 practicum places to full-time student-teachers of the Faculty of Education, HKU, across two to three core subjects or more, with strong preference in English Key Learning Area; and
  • to share experience in the annual partnership forum with other interested schools who may consider joining to become a member of the ‘Professional Partnership Schools’ on adopting this ‘Whole School Mentoring Support’ approach in the coming year.

If your school is interested in the idea of the 'Whole School Mentoring Support' approach and wish to know more about it, and may commit to become one of the Professional Partnership Schools, please do not hesitate to contact the School-University Partnerships Office, Faculty of Education (Tel: 2857-8375, e-mail: partnershipoffice @ hku.hk) for further details.


List of Professional Partnerships Schools 2017-18



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