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Professor ANDREWS, Stephen J.

Personal Particulars

Professor ANDREWS, Stephen J.


M.A. (Cantab), PGCE (York), M.A. (Essex), PhD (Southampton)




Tel: (852) 3917 2414

Location: Room 421, Meng Wah Complex

Areas of Expertise:

English Language Teacher Education; Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Areas of Expertise

Teaching Areas:
ELT Methodology; Applied Linguistics; Curriculum and Assessment; Pedagogic Grammar; Teacher Language Awareness

Research Interests:
Teacher Language Awareness; Pedagogical Content Knowledge; Teacher Beliefs; Curriculum Innovation; Washback

  • HKSAR Government Medal of Honour. Awarded in October 2014 for services to teacher education and English language education
  • Faculty Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 2008
  1. An impact study of a high-stakes ESL assessment innovation in Hong Kong secondary schools'. Principal Investigator, RGC-funded project (Sept. 2006 - December 2009).
  2. Aligning assessment with curriculum reform in Junior Secondary English Language Teaching'. QEF-funded project (PI Dr Chris Davison). Co-Investigator. (Aug. 2006 - July 2008).
  3. Study of 'Summative oral school-based assessment in secondary ESL in Hong Kong' RGC-funded project (PI Dr Chris Davison). Co-Investigator. (2004 - 2006).
  4. Study of 'Effective school-based assessment in English Language Teaching in Hong Kong secondary schools' QEF-funded project (PI Dr Chris Davison). (2004 - 2006).
  5. Member of EMB Consultancy Project Team for the Study of Good Practices in Secondary Schools: Enhancing Students English Language Proficiency (March 2003 - September 2004).
  6. Study of the spoken English performance of Hong Kong Form 7 students before and after the introduction of the Use of English exam (principal researcher) - project completed 2001.
  7. Study of the metalinguistic awareness of Hong Kong secondary school teachers of English - project completed 1999.
  1. Song, Y. and Andrews, S. (2009) The L1 in L2 learning - teacher beliefs and practices. Munich: LINCOM.
  2. Andrews, S. (2007) Teacher language awareness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Journal articles and book chapters
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Professional Community Services
  1. (2009 - present) Member of Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR)
  2. (2008 - 2010) External examiner for HKIEd/CUHK inter-institutional B.A. (English Studies) and B.Ed. (English Language Education) programme
  3. (2006 - 2010) External Examiner for Lancaster University's MA in TESOL programme in Hong Kong.
  4. (2006 - present) Member of Vocational Training Council (VTC) Languages Advisory  Committees
  5. (2005 - present) Member of Editorial Board of 'Language Awareness'
  6. (2005 - 2008) Co-convenor (with Dr Chris Davison) University of Hong Kong Strategic Research Theme 'Languages, Media and Communication', sub-theme 'Language Education and Assessment Research'
  7. (2001 - 2006) External Examiner for Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) In-service programmes for Teachers Using English as the Medium of Instruction in Secondary Schools (EMI) and for Teachers of English in Secondary Schools
  8. (2001 - 2005) Member of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) Foundation Studies and Languages Discipline Board
  9. (2000 - 2002) Curriculum and Self-accreditation Advisor to the National University of Laos (Asian Development Bank project).
  10. (2000 - present) Reviewer for journals including TESOL Quarterly, Applied Linguistics, Language Awareness, Language Teaching Research, System, Language, Culture and Curriculum, Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education and Development, and Asia TEFL Journal
  11. (2000 - 2008) Committee member of the Association for Language Awareness
  12. (2000 - 2006) Member of Language Benchmark Assessment for Teachers Main Committee
  13. (2000) Member of Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation panel validating the Hong Kong Institute of Education Postgraduate Diploma in Education.
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