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Training for PGS Holders

University Policies

According to the Regulations Governing Postgraduate Scholarships, a Postgraduate Scholarship holder may be required to provide, under supervision, services which carry educational benefits for the holder. The amount of such services shall not exceed 100 hours in any full twelve-month period. The provision of services forms part of the research student's training covered by the value of the Scholarship, and the nature of the training may for example include:

  1. assistance with research;
  2. assistance with scheduled laboratory, studio and fieldwork classes and with tutorials;
  3. assistance with the preparation of materials for scheduled classes;
  4. assistance with marking practical notebooks and answers from exercise classes; and
  5. assistance with invigilation of University degree examinations.


If the Postgraduate Scholarship holder does not perform the training satisfactorily, a written warning will be issued to the student indicating the need for improvement within a period to be specified. If performance continues to be unsatisfactory after the written warning has been served, an initial sanction in the form of a deduction of $4,000 per month from the PGS value may be imposed for a specified period of no more than two months. The sanction, if approved by the FHDC, will be preceded by at least one month's notice in writing to the student.

For students registered on or after September 1, 2011, the "Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education" course offered by the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) must be successfully completed before undertaking any teaching or assessment duties, unless a waiver has been granted from the CETL. For more details on the certificate course, please go to http://www.cetl.hku.hk/certificate-courses.

Note: The above policies are also applicable to holders of the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship.

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