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Thesis Submission

Candidates shall complete their studies within the specified period of study. The results of the research must be presented in the form of a thesis, which can be submitted at any time after confirmation of candidature provided that the requirement for the minimum study period is met. The thesis will be examined by both internal and external examiners. In addition, candidates may be required to take an oral examination. Other examinations may be prescribed if necessary.

A successful MPhil thesis should represent the result of the candidate's research which displays some originality and which demonstrates a sound understanding of the field of study and the appropriate research methods.

A successful PhD thesis should represent the result of the candidate's research which should be an original contribution to knowledge and worthy of publication.


Language Policy for Higher Degree Thesis (for MPhil, PhD and EdD)

Under the general regulations of the University, examination scripts and theses and dissertations for higher degrees shall be written in English. For applicants whose research topic is in Chinese Language Education, approval may be granted by the Faculty for their thesis to be written in Chinese. Applications for such approval shall normally be submitted at the time of application for admission. [Note: If an applicant intends to write the thesis in Chinese, the research proposal summary should still be written in English but the detailed research proposal (for PhD applicants) may be written in Chinese.]


Examination procedures

  1. Graduate School's website on thesis submission
  2. Procedures for thesis examination
  3. Guideline on length of thesis



  1. Notice of Intent to Submit a Thesis
  2. Thesis Submission Form by Supervisor of MPhil/PhD Thesis
  3. Thesis Submission E-Form: MPhil & PhD (for Libraries)


Other information

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  2. Reason, Argument, and Technique in Dissertation Writing
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