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  1. Responsibilities of Supervisors for Research Higher Degrees Students
  2. Guidelines for Joint Staff-Research Student Publication


Advisory Panels (for students registered before academic year 2010-11)

The Advisory Panel is in place for the length of candidature, advising on confirmation, academic performance, transfers, and issues of progress, including the evaluation of study plans where these are required.

  1. Advisory Panel: Terms of Reference, Membership, and Procedural Guidelines
  2. Procedures for Appointment of Supervisors & Advisory Panels to MPhil/PhD and EdD Students


Supervisory Panels (for students registered in or after academic year 2010-11)

The Supervisory Panel consists of a primary supervisor and co-supervisor appointed for the length of candidature and a convenor appointed for the confirmation/transfer of candidature.

  1. Guidelines on the Supervisory Panel System
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