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General Enquiries

Office of Research


(852) 3917-5728, (852) 3917-8015 - MPhil/PhD matters


(852) 3917-8254 - Seminars/conferences


(852) 3917-5460 - Research ethics


(852) 2547-1924


Key Personnel

  1. Associate Dean (Research Higher Degrees)

    Prof. Lena Wong, Professor in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, is the Associate Dean (Research Higher Degrees) and Chairperson of the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee which oversees the formulation and implementation of policies relating to MPhil/PhD and EdD studies. Prof. Wong’s office is located in Room 768, Meng Wah Complex. She can be reached at (852) 3917-1590 or e-mail: llnwong@hku.hk.

  2. Postgraduate Admissions Advisor (for Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences)

    Prof. Bradley McPherson, Professor in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, is the Postgraduate Admissions Advisor for the Division. Prof. McPherson's office is located in Room 766, Meng Wah Complex. He can be reached by e-mail: dbmcpher@hku.hk.

  3. Programme Executive Officer (MPhil/PhD)

    Miss Kit Chow, Programme Executive Officer (MPhil/PhD) in the Office of Research, provides administrative support to the operation of the MPhil/PhD programme. Her office is located in Room 420, Meng Wah Complex and she can be reached at (852) 3917-5453 or e-mail: kitc@hku.hk.

  4. Research Student Coordinators

    Our research student coordinators are enthusiastically organizing regular academic and social activities for research students in the Faculty. The research student coordinators for July-December 2017 are:

Please feel free to contact them to express any concerns or to raise any suggestions.

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