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Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences

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The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences (SHS) offers two taught programmes and two research programmes: 5-year full-time Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences [BSc(SPEECH)], 2-year full-time Master of Science in Audiology [MSc(Audiology)], Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

BSc(SPEECH) graduates can serve in hospitals, schools, pre-school centres, and private clinics where they assess and treat individuals with a wide range of speech and language disorders, swallowing disorders, and other communication difficulties.

MSc(Audiology) graduates work on the prevention, identification, and assessment of hearing disorders as well as on the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired individuals. These graduates can serve in various settings, such as hospitals, private hearing aid practice, industrial consulting, and schools.

Many of the division’s 'graduates of distinction' from the MPhil and PhD programmes play major roles at different levels in the local and international education sector and related fields.

The mission of the SHS division includes the following:

  • To improve and maximize the communication skills of people with communication disorders

  • To provide high-quality assessment, treatment, and consultation to individuals with communication and swallowing disorders

  • To strengthen the interaction skills of the communication partners of clients

  • To increase public awareness and advocacy on communication disorders

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Until the first graduates completed their courses in 1992, speech therapists who practiced in Hong Kong obtained overseas qualification. With an annual intake of more than 40 undergraduates, the SHS division teaches a five-year Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in Speech and Hearing Sciences, which affords an internationally recognized professional qualification.

The goal of the BSc(SPEECH) programme is to prepare students to become professional speech-language therapists. The speech and hearing sciences curriculum is intensive and encompasses a multi-disciplinary knowledge base with extensive clinical practice. Students of this curriculum are expected to critically monitor new research breakthroughs and apply their knowledge and skills in novel clinical settings. They are also required to learn how to become self-directed learners. 

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SHS division members have been extremely productive over the past years. Their papers have been published in internationally refereed publications and conference proceedings. The research efforts of SHS division members focus on speech and language processing, auditory and speech perception, and psycholinguistics across a range of communication disorders, such as voice disorders, motor speech disorders, speech and language development disorders, neurogenic disorders, and hearing disorders. Research has also focused on normal language processing of children and adults. Most of their findings have been considered as groundbreaking in the areas of Cantonese speech/language development and communication disorders.

The research endeavors of the SHS division after 2005 are listed as follows:

These projects are discussed in greater detail in the web pages of each faculty member.

Community Engagement

The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences is dedicated to conducting innovative research in human communication sciences and disorders that have both local and international impact. Colleagues translate their research into practice by providing training and workshops to children, parents, teachers, and clinicians from various settings in Hong Kong and elsewhere. The Division’s Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic provides the wider community with quality speech therapy services and audiological services that meet the unique communication needs of clients and their families. 

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Kennedy Town Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic

The Speech, Language, and Hearing (SLH) Clinic serves as the teaching and research unit of the SHS division. The clinic was established along with the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in 1988 to support the clinical education of the division’s graduates. The SHS division is committed to achieve excellence in clinical education, academic research, and speech science technology in speech–language pathology. The division aims to produce highly qualified graduates who can treat individuals with communication and swallowing disorders. Over the two and a half decades, more than 600 qualified speech therapists in Hong Kong have been successfully trained.

The SLH Clinic aims to provide quality speech therapy services that meet the unique communication needs of clients and their families. The clinic was relocated from the fifth floor of the Prince Philip Dental Hospital to an accessible satellite location in Kennedy Town in 2010. The clinic is well-equipped with clinical resources and technologies that can offer high-quality and evidence-based services to the general public.

The clinical and support services are offered by clinical faculty members and students. Specialist clinics are operated by the division’s clinical faculty members who are highly experienced in the field. Student clinicians serve under the supervision of clinical faculty members in student clinics to provide diagnostic evaluations and therapy to clients of all ages.

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