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Launch of the 17th Translation


In 2009 UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) published a book written by Mark Bray entitled Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring?. This book has had a far-reaching impact, as indicated by the number of translations.  IIEP itself translated the book into French, and partners have translated it into Arabic, Armenian, Azeri, Bangla, Chinese, Georgian, Hindi, Kannada, Korean, Mongolian, Nepali, Polish, Spanish, Sinhala, and Urdu.



In January 2014, Mark Bray travelled to Tehran for the launch of the Farsi translation. This is the 17th language into which the book has been translated. The translation was managed by Dr Abbas Madandar Arani of Lorestan University in Iran, who is pictured here left with Mark Bray (second left) and the other two translators, Lida Kakia (holding the book) and Tandis Taghavi.



The launching ceremony also called attention to the Farsi versions of two related books written by Mark Bray and published by IIEP. One is entitled The Shadow Education System: Private Tutoring and its Implications for Planners, and the other is entitled Adverse Effects of Supplementary Tutoring: Dimensions, Implications and Government Responses. They are displayed on the table in the picture below and the accompanying publicity (click here).

Meeting of UNESCO Chairholders in Paris

On 23 and 24 January 2014, UNESCO’s Education Sector convened a meeting of UNESCO Chairholders in the Organization’s Paris Headquarters. It was the first such meeting in recent times, and provided a valuable opportunity:

  • for UNESCO to brief the Chairholders on its newly-approved Medium-Term Strategy,
  • for UNESCO to learn more about the activities and priorities of the Chairholders, and
  • for the Chairholders to learn more about each other, and to plan collaborative projects.

The meeting was opened by Tang Qian, Assistant Director-General for the Education Sector (fourth left in the picture below), and managed by Pauline Gonzalez-Pose, Chief of the Higher Education Section (second right). Other colleagues in the opening ceremony were Francesc Pedro, David Atchoarena and Miao Fengchun from UNESCO HQ and Chairholders Elvira Martín-Sabina (Cuba),  Ibrahima Wade (Senegal) and Tim Unwin (United Kingdom).

Subgroups in the meeting focused on higher education, ICT in education, and teachers. The meeting identified channels for collaborative research and improved networking. HKU’s UNESCO Chair can play a role across themes since it focuses on comparative education and can contribute to methodology as well as substantive analysis.



Comparative Research on Shadow Education

 Private tutoring is becoming a worldwide phenomenon and has far-reaching implications, as reflected by the research being undertaken by HKU's UNESCO Chair Professor in Comparative Education and his international collaborators.

Click here to watch the video on "Comparative Research on Shadow Education"